How is the squad this morning, any injury issues and with the short turnaround time, will there be changes for Sunday?

The players will have a recovery session and a normal session on the pitch tomorrow morning when we fly back. We have a short time, it’s always short after the Thursday games in Europe to prepare for the weekend. It’s important to recover well and we have a good look and feel about the players and how they feel and tomorrow we’ll make the plan for Sunday. It’s still too early to say who’s going to play and who’s not especially in these weeks when you have so many games. You have to rotate players at some point, how many players we’ll know tomorrow.

There was some dubiety about Leipzig’s goal about whether it was offside, what was your view of it?

Of course, after the game we saw some images where Allan didn’t have a clear enough view of the ball. Angelino hit the ball almost perfect but you want your goalkeeper to have a chance. I think they checked it with VAR but I’m not sure they watched the positions of those players. It’s a discussion after the game when the goal was counted and we have to prepare well for next week. I think the players put in an excellent performance and really close to bringing an excellent result back home to Ibrox. Now we have to win this tie with one goal difference and take it back to Ibrox. We’ve shown we are capable of doing so. The crowd always give us a lot of energy to play these games.

I sensed a real confidence in yourself and Ryan Jack last night of getting Leipzig back to Ibrox with the crowd and being able to turn them over, would that be an accurate reflection?

Yes, that’s pretty much how I feel. Of course, yesterday straight after the game the disappointment of getting the goal against us – the set piece, that was the overall feeling. But the more you have time, the more you think about the game and we’re still well in the tie to reach a European Cup final which is amazing when you look back at the history of this club. That shows the performances these players have in Europe are excellent and we have a chance next week to give our best and give our all to reach the final in Seville and that’s our aim.

How do you stop the players from looking beyond the Celtic game?

I think it’s easy. I had my team talk after the game and we closed the Leipzig tie after the game. We’re going to prepare for them again next week. Our focus is now on Celtic, that’s what the players know and that’s what we’re going to do today. We’ll have a recovery session and tomorrow we’ll have the last session to prepare our players for the game on Sunday.

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How big was the semi-final win against Celtic in terms of giving you the belief heading into this one?

The belief is there. We won an important semi-final to reach the cup final. We’ve won two and we’ve lost two this season so overall it’s even, it’s in the balance. Of course, it’s not in the balance with where we are in the league, the advantage is six points. We have to try and get a good result to keep the belief that we can win the league. That’s difficult because we are trailing them by six points and they have the advantage but we’ll try to make our position a little bit better on Sunday.

How welcome is the Celtic game on Sunday in terms of a game where you’ll want to go and attack?

We have to win this game so it’s a totally different approach to what we had yesterday. Yesterday we brought a good result back to Ibrox and Sunday and next week we have to win our games. It’s going to be a different approach so in that way we have to go out and make sure we give everything for the win so that’s different than the approach yesterday.

Your players were fitter than the Celtic players at the end of the semi-final, is that something you expect to see again on Sunday?

My objective, my job and what I’m doing at the moment is to make sure my players are well prepared for the game mentally and physically. Also make sure to watch my team and the physicality of the players. That’s my job to be well prepared before this game that I know my players will give everything on Sunday again to get a good result. That’s what I’m asking them to do, that’s what they’ve been doing for the last couple of months in a very hectic schedule so we just keep on doing that. It’s still double fixtures until the end of the season but we’re enjoying the moment we’re in and we’re taking it game by game so Sunday we go again. We’ll recover good, we’ll prepare well and give 100% on Sunday for a good performance.