Every word the Ibrox managing director said to the media today.

How does it feel to be in this position?

It's fantastic. It's something I don't think when we came in seven years ago we ever imagined would happen so to be back in a European final is great for the whole club. You see the boost everyone has had, the supporters, and everyone associated with the club has had and it's just the profile - that Rangers are getting through in Europe again. It's where we feel we should be but if we are being completely honest it's not something we expected but we are delighted to be there and it's well earned.

What's your reaction to news today that ticketless fans are being urged not to travel?

I think that's always the message. You are aware there are only 9500 in the allocation. We would have loved to have more supporters get into the game but I think you see it with many big clubs that supporters want to be part of the big occasion and that's part of it, even if they can't get to the match. There are discussions with UEFA regarding various fan zones that hopefully we can have established for supporters travelling without tickets and we'd like to think we could get that fixed up. UEFA and the authorities in Seville have been terrific to deal with so far so fingers crossed we can get that sorted.

Will there be a beam back to Ibrox?

It's very unlikely as most of the staff we'd need to run such a beam back are going to be in Seville so I don't think that will happen. As much as we understand the desire of fans to be in one place together to watch it, I don't think that's going to be physically possible.

What has this run been worth and what might it be worth if you win the trophy?

Beyond the money, it's the profile. You look at the profile the players get and the ability to attract new players when you come to the summer. I think when you're in a European Final it makes the club much more attractive. Financially it's been a fantastic addition to what we budgeted for so that allows us to look at maybe strengthening the team in the summer, it allows us to continue with the infrastructure projects we still have to do around the stadium and training ground. So it's been a fantastic boost to the club's finances.

What kind of a job has van Bronckhorst done since arriving?

I had confidence in the process. I had confidence we'd attract a good manager. A lot of that comes down to the work that Steven had done in his three and a half years here. It raised the profile of the club and got us back to a reasonable, very good level. When Gio and his team came in, he knew Glasgow, he knew Rangers and he settled in very quickly. It was almost seamless and it's been fantastic to see the results that have come from that.

What have you told the authorities about the numbers you are looking at for Seville?

I don't know the numbers to be perfectly honest. We know it will be several tens of thousands. We had a team of staff out in Seville from Monday to Wednesday, as did Frankfurt. They are expecting big numbers but we don't know.

Where are you at with the fan zones?

The discussions are well advanced but there is a lot that has to be organised to put these things on. I think there's maybe a perception you just have a bit of space and the fans go in - sorted. But there's a lot more to it than that. How do people get there? Where is it in relation to Frankfurt fans? How do you ensure basics of food, drinks and toilets etc? There's a lot that goes into it. Hopefully in the next few days we will have positive news on that. It's been an eye-opener the amount of work that has gone into this match is incredible from both clubs and UEFA as well as the local authorities.

What is your message to fans going over there who might not have tickets?

To supporters with or without tickets, go and enjoy yourself and the occasion. I remember myself in 2008 thinking, 'will I see Rangers in a European final again?' and here we are. It's fantastic. Go and enjoy the occasion, go and be a great ambassador for Rangers. We are going to a beautiful city, go and enjoy the city but let's do it in the right way and manner. But go and have a good time.

Even more so given the numbers people are predicting?

I'd say regardless of numbers. Respect the city, respect the locals. There will be people going about their day to day business. I remember Glasgow when Leverkusen and Madrid were in the city and created a great atmosphere. Hopefully, we can create a similar atmosphere in Seville. There is going to be disruption to people's everyday lives but let's do it in a way that's positive. We want the local people to have a positive impression of Rangers and the supporters.

If the team win and qualify for the Champions League, how transformative could that be for the club?

It's always been the next goal to get into the group stages. The finances of that are all public but you know you have that money in the bank at that stage. It allows you to plan and facilitate things in the future. The run we've had now is probably slightly more than we would have had from qualifying for the Champions League. It's a terrific boost, it allows us to do so many things.

There seems to have been an agreement with Mike Ashely. Can you give clarity on that?

No, I can't comment on that.