Everything Ryan Kent said to the press ahead at Rangers' media day ahead of the Europa League Final.

What do you make of reaching the final?

On a personal level, it's something I've always strived for in my career to get to the top and it's an opportunity now we are relishing.

Is it the biggest game of everyone's career?

Yeah, without a doubt. For everyone in the team it's the biggest game of their career. I don't think we will let the occasion get the better of us. We know what's ahead but without a doubt it's the biggest game.

How do you find the balance between acknowledging that but preparing and trying to treat it like any other game?

We will go into the game with the same mindset that we've had in other games. We have come up against some top-class opposition and nothing changes going into the final.

How confident are you?

We are confident. We have been confident throughout the tournament. When you have defeated great teams... without being naive we are going there to win that's for sure but we won't get ahead of ourselves.

After the win over Leipzig, the cameraman caught you staring into space. What was that moment like then and how do you reflect on it now?

I was overjoyed with all sorts of emotions. This has been a journey this team has been on for four years since we beat Ufa to get into the competition and that journey has been a beautiful struggle. Each year we have wanted to get further than the previous year and this year we have managed to get to the final.

What's your sleeping been like?

(laughing) I don't sleep that great anyway but I'm excited for the game.

What's the demand for tickets been like?

Yeah, I've got family I didn't even know I had asking for tickets. It's great for everybody to have their family involved in something like this.

What's the quota, can you tell us?

We have a few tickets.

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What is it about this team that sees you respond to the European occasion so well?

I think in previous years there has been less pressure on these games. Not as much pressure as much as expectation. I don't think anybody going into this season would expect Rangers to reach the final of this competition so it's a platform we can really showcase ourselves under less pressure. That changes now going into the final - everybody is expecting us to go and win, ourselves included.

Was Dortmund the catalyst for the players' belief in winning the trophy?

Yes, definitely. The players came away from that game asking, 'at what point can we start taking this really seriously now?'. We had just beaten a great team in Dortmund and that gives you the confidence to at least think you can go all the way in the tournament.

Is it the nature of the competition in going toe to toe with teams part of what gives you confidence?

Given that the last game against Leipzig was set up to take the game back to Ibrox, everybody was full of confidence knowing that we could reach the final if we came back with the result. In previous rounds, we have wanted to match ourselves up against these teams and the quality has shown. We have put in a huge amount of effort in terms of running on the pitch and the defensive department has been solid but going forward the amount of goals scored by this team in the competition has been pretty evident.