MICHAEL BEALE knew that this summer was the right time for him to take his first steps into management. 

The ex-Rangers coach revealed he knocked back five or six opportunities during his spell at Ibrox but couldn't turn down the chance to manage QPR. 

Beale's responsibility within Gerrard's coaching set-up has been no secret and there is a clear level of respect between the duo dating back to their arrival in Glasgow. And while Gerrard will have been undoubtedly disappointed to lose his trusted tactical lieutenant as he prepares for his first full season with Aston Villa, he couldn't have offered Beale a better reaction to the news.

"The reaction was fantastic," Beale says.

"We have always communicated honestly the whole time we were together. His advice towards me was fantastic, it will stay between us obviously.

"Steven is like my football brother, it is hard for me to have more respect for someone than I have for him in terms of the way that our working relationship was. It has always been my plan to step out on my own.

"Neither of us knew when that was. But I think he has replaced me very well with Neil Critchley and I have come to a club that I am hugely excited to be at. So all is well so far."

Having grown used to the pressures of Rangers during his three-and-a-half-year stint north of the border, Beale will be well placed to deal with the pressures that come with management. 

"People talk about pressure but I talk about expectation," he adds.

"That is what it is. It is the expectation that people have in you to do well and the expectation of the club. I see pressure as a privilege. I have missed the intensity. I have wanted to step out on my own to feel that intensity and pressure myself and that demand to be a headline number one. Now I have that opportunity.

"I turned down many chances before because I felt that where I was at and the people that I was with were right. This felt right from the beginning. We are moving to a new training facility which is absolutely fantastic and it is only going to get better every year."