RIDVAN YILMAZ spoke to the Rangers Review and other assembled media for the first time after joining the club from Besiktas earlier this summer.

Here is everything the Turkish international had to say.

I know it’s not long since you arrived at the club, what’s your first impression of Rangers in terms of the training and the dressing room compared to Turkey?

The training ground is really good. The dressing room is the same as in Turkey. In terms of the toughness and technique on the training ground, I’d say it’s a little bit better here in Scotland.

You’re coming from a big club in Turkey and Rangers are celebrating their 150th anniversary this year. Have you noticed this coming into the club and how does it feel?

Definitely. I have felt the historical and culture atmosphere. I found it in the stadium too – it’s quite old and magical. I have played for a big club in Turkey and I’m playing for a big club here in Scotland, and I’m going to enjoy this.

Rangers and Eintracht Frankfurt were both vying for you. How did it feel for you that these two big football clubs were competing for you?

I felt important and valuable. I wanted the best for myself and, in the end, it was Rangers. I’m really happy about where I am and I’m proud to be a Rangers player.

We know Tugay played in Scotland and you met him last week. What did he tell you about succeeding in Scotland and what recommendations did he give you?

He told me Rangers are a big club, an old club. He told me Rangers would support me, in and out of the club, which is really important for me.

When you were young you said your dream was to play in the English Premier League. What would you like to do next?

My first goal is to get Rangers into the Champions League and to finish the league in a good position in order to win trophies. 

Even though you were young you have played in some big matches in Turkey, such as Besiktas against Galatasaray, Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce. How do you feel about playing in the Old Firm matches? 

It’s true that I’ve played in some really big games. I really enjoyed those. I’ll be playing in big games here too, I’ll try my best and I’m really looking forward to it.

Rangers Review:

What do you feel is the strongest part of your game and what do you feel you will bring to this Rangers side?

I believe that my football mentality, speed and technique are all good. When I can get these qualities into the game I believe that it can increase the level of the team’s performance.

How fit do you feel and when do you believe you will be up to full speed? What has your pre-season been like?

I feel quite fit. Before I came here I trained with Besiktas in pre-season. I haven’t missed a session since I have arrived and the coaches know that I feel fit as well.

In your conversations with Tugay, what do you believe will be the most important advice he gave you about coming to Scotland and playing for Rangers?

The best advice that Tugay gave me was that he felt I could improve myself in terms of football, language and strength. He also added that Rangers fans are quite passionate which is really important.

How many conversations did you have with the manager at Rangers before joining, and how big of an appeal is it to you as a left-back to play under Giovanni, who was one of the best left-backs?

It’s quite important that Giovanni played left-back. I think I will learn a lot. Before I came here we spoke about what I was good at and where I could improve. I think I will learn quite a lot from him.

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How important was the prospect of Champions League football in your decision to join Rangers, and how confident are you the team can overturn the result from Tuesday night?

I believe it’s quite an important match both for the fans and the club. We have the ability to play in the Champions League and I think that will be the result.

Last season, it looked as if Besiktas had a very difficult group in the Champions League. Does that give you extra motivation to get there again and do better?

It’s true that Besiktas didn’t have a very good group last year and I played two matches. In the Champions League players have to try twice as hard. It’s quite difficult, the teams are challenging. We need to try twice as hard.

You spoke about reaching the top of the game one day. When it came to you deciding which team to join, when you see the likes of Calvin Bassey and Joe Aribo, how much did you look at them and think that Rangers is the place to be for young players?

I know that a few players have left and I hope that one day I can get money for the club if I leave for another team.