Ben Davies spoke to the assembled press ahead of Rangers’ Scottish Cup tie with St Johnstone at McDiarmid Park.

Here is everything he had to say.

How much are you looking forward to the game?

Yeah looking forward to it. Another cup competition and a chance to win a trophy as well so looking forward to it.

Have you had much cup success before?

In a word, no. I’ve had a few cup runs but in England, it’s difficult for clubs like that to get a cup run going so it’s good to be in this competition and be in with a chance of progressing.

How exciting is that given you’ve got a realistic chance of getting to Hampden?

It’s really exciting. When you come up here you want to win trophies and Saturday is the first step to getting that run going in this one. We want to win every game and win every trophy. Tomorrow’s a good chance to start that.

You’ve conceded early a few times recently, is that something you feel can be addressed?

Yeah, I think so. The more times we’re fallen behind in games and managed to come back to win it gives us more confidence. I think we’re a bit more relaxed in the fact that we’re creating chances quite often and we’ve got good players who can, more often than not, take them. It makes the game a bit easier if you don’t go behind early on because teams sit in a bit more once they score the goal but we’re creating lots of chances and we’re putting a fair few away. Obviously, it’s not the prime thing to do, we need to cut it out and get back to getting clean sheets.

Do you feel the team is in a much better place than the last time you went to McDiarmid Park?

Yeah, we’re in a good run of form. We have been going a goal behind but we still feel confident in the team that we’re going to bounce back and win the game. It’s another game at the end of a long week but we’re looking at getting to the next round and carrying on this form.

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Can you sum up your partnership with Connor Goldson and you’re experience of playing for Rangers?

It’s been kind of difficult. I think pre-season the last couple of years have been good for fitness but the match minutes haven’t matched what I’ve needed in previous years. Coming to a club on loan and being expected to play 90 minutes from the start has been difficult but not just this year but last year as well. But I’ve always felt once I can get a run of games then the little niggles and stuff will fade away and I think I’m at that stage now. It’s been a big week and this is the last bit of it so I think if I can get through tomorrow which I’m confident that I will then that will be a win and I won’t be worried about anything after that.

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What’s it like playing for a club of this size?

The more you’re up here the more you realise that it’s an honour and a privilege to play for the club. I think when you come up you expect that to be the case but I think the more games you play you realise the pure size of it, how fanatical the fans are and what it means to everyone. We want to put in a good performance and send them home happy.

How much are you and Connor working on developing that partnership?

We’ve both got a lot of experience and it helps when you know that the other player’s got that experience and has been through the situation before. The more we play together the more we can understand where each other is all the time without speaking as much but until we get to that stage then we’re still developing that partnership. But it’s been good I think you can see what a big player he is for us and it makes it a lot easier to play alongside him.

As a defender does it become challenging when the goalkeeper is rotated so much?

I think it’s more challenging when the defence changes to the goalkeeper. I know both goalkeepers fairly well, I get on with them both off the pitch and I don’t think it really matters to me, personally.