Rangers midfielder Nicolas Raskin has been speaking ahead of the Scottish Cup quarter-final with Raith Rovers.

Here is everything he had to say.

Is where you've been playing exactly where you wish to play?

Yeah, yeah, I think. I think for me 8 or 6 is good. Wherever the coach wants me, I can play. Of course, I need to adapt to the system the team is playing because they have good connections. I think we need to create more connections with me, but I think the longer the time goes, it will be better and better.

What did you make of the game at Hibs?

I think we did great. I think we played good football, we didn't panic after the goal. We just kept our confidence and we got a goal back fast for 1-1 then we just played our game. If we focus on ourselves and we play at our tempo and our level we can beat everybody. I think we just need to focus on ourselves and keep our standards high to win every game.

What’s it like playing with Todd Cantwell and do you get on off the pitch?

Yeah, Todd helped me a lot because we came in the same situation. We're both new so we stay a bit together but I think everybody in the team is very kind to me. They help us a lot and we’re starting to enjoy being here with the boys, winning games and playing well, so everything is very good.

Were you surprised to be on the bench for the League Cup final?

No, I wasn't surprised because I'm new. The boys deserved to play, they went to the final so, of course, they deserved to play. We were all sad about that game so that’s why the game on Sunday is important. That's why the cup is more important because we want to win something this year.

Does it give you a big chance to win some silverware?

Yeah, of course. At Rangers, we need to win every year. We have to go back to Hampden and take it home now.

How much do the team want to win this trophy?

A lot. I think we wanted a lot because as I said, we are all sad about last Sunday. It's still in our head and now we want to focus and win this cup. It's like it's almost like we have to win. So yeah, we are all looking forward to the game. We will take game after game and then hopefully we can bring it on the 3rd of June.

Is this why you came to Rangers, to win trophies?

Yeah, of course. That's why I came here because it's important as a football player to win a collective trophy. For now, I've lost two cup finals so I want to make sure that we are going to win the third one and then win more and more and more. That's why I came here and that's the most important. Well, that's not a record you want to keep in terms of losing trucks to view the person to buy.

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Does that give you the personal motivation to try and win it?

Yeah, I was so sad after that because I didn't like the feeling that when you lose, you watch the other team celebrating and gives you a bad feeling, but at the same time gives you the power to get back and then next time just remember what happened and give more so we don't feel the same feeling after the game.

Can you tell us about the two finals that you lost?

In the first one in Belgium, we were better than the other team but we missed chances. Then everybody saw what happened in the last cup final. I think now it gives me the power to go forward and hopefully win something on the 3rd of June.

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Did you make yourself watch Celtic celebrate so you have that motivation?

Of course, I think we were on the pitch when they celebrated with the fans when they were making the noise. You cannot hide from this, you are there so you listen, you watch, and it's painful for everybody, for us, for our family because we all bring our families to the game and for the fans. I think it's going to give us power for the next time we're going to play the cup final.

How are you settling in?

Everything is good. For now, it's getting better and better. The sun is back, so it's good. No, I think everything's good. I'm quite good now. I'm used to the language little by little, so it's going to be okay.

The tempo and passing was quick on Wednesday, does that suit you?

Yeah, of course. I think the manager wants to play good football. He wants to play with fast passing and good connections within the team. That's what we try to do and as I say, if we play our level, our tempo, I think it's going to be very good.