Everything Michael Beale said to the media after the 5-2 win over St Mirren.

What are your thoughts on the game? 

Well, look, we wanted a fast start to the game and we've got it in terms of getting the penalty. And then we missed it. They've been going great guns. And to be fair to them, Steven set them up to come and press us today, play with the two strikers and I thought they did have a go. I thought our first goal was an excellent one, some really good play with some of the stuff we've been working on passing and running, it's nice to see Todd get beyond the two strikers and score. And then you're hoping that we kick on. But what I thought we did is overindulged a little bit. We've become a little bit tippy-tappy. We've forgotten that when we lose the ball, we have to go and press and be fast across the grass. And I thought we become passive. I was really annoyed with the first goal. We take nothing away from the boy O’Hara. It was a fantastic strike. But if you rewind back, we've got a four vs three in the attack. We're very wasteful in that moment, and our reaction was dreadful. Everybody from Todd after shooting from the reaction of people running back. There's a cross-field ball. We don't get out to it. Another cross and it's a horror show for us. So, I told them that at half time and I expected us to come out and be better second-half. We were. We scored again and then you're thinking, okay, we'll settle down and go again. We let in another sloppy goal and then it's the changes from the side, it's the change of shape that goes on to win us the game. It was emphatic in the end. Again, we've had over 20 shots and 75% possession. The last goal, I’m being told is 60 passes, so that's not something that happens very often. But yeah, at half time I'm having to maybe say one or two words I don't need to. I need to see the same energy out of possession as we're seeing in possession. I think once we scored the first goal we were seduced by the football. And we need to show the same hunger when we lose it to come back in terms of our distances and the mentality that I want to see. We won 5-2 but I'm still striving for more all the time. You know, we've been crying out for a five-goal home victory because of the amount of chances we've been creating. We even created more today. I'm still looking for more in that when we haven't got the ball because I know that when we have to go against the level of opponent that's going to cause us more problems, it's our out-of-possession organisation that's really important to get the ball back.  

Was it agreed before the match to switch Sakala for Matondo as Fashion was having a good game when he came off?  

Look, Fashion obviously goes and scores a good goal, but I thought in moments of the game he was erratic in his play and there was some sloppiness. So, you know, they're similar in type in terms of wide players that run with it. And Rabbi hasn't had much of an opportunity due to injury, he's still not 100% fit, I don't think. But he got 70 minutes in the B team game on Tuesday. And I thought it was right for 30 minutes today, with Ryan not available and Scotty not available. And to be fair, he's gone and got a really good assist running behind. I thought it was a really good pullback for Alfredo. 

Todd Cantwell was excellent today. Was it good to see him get that goal? 

It's really good. To see him getting the box and scoring and obviously the assist at the end of the long move. It seemed like we had the ball forever, but he drives through the gap and slides Scott in. I’m delighted for Scotty, that's the showcase reel of Scott’s whole career isn't it - running off the back of people and scoring? It was a great finish. Todd's playing well. There's more to come. I'm gonna stay on him. You know I'm gonna stay on him and make sure we get the player that I think’s within him that he deserves to show everyone that ultimately, I think will really help Rangers. In the first half when he's in and around the box, I'd like to see him put his laces through one or two and not be so soft in his shooting. Having said that. He is doing well so I don't want to seem like Mr Grumpy, but I want more from him because I see it. It's there, so why would I not demand more from him? Why would he not demand more from himself and I think that's what he needs from me. He's not the only one. The crowd seems to like him. He's collecting Man the match awards now. So he's certainly the crowd's favourite at this moment in time.  

Is it an exciting one for you for next season? 

Well, look, when you go into the market, you want the players that you bring in to have a big impact on the team. And I thought him and Nico did well. You can see Nico can blow up a little bit physically, he's just a young boy who put so much effort into his game in terms of running around and Todd is the same. What we've brought in as two players who are energisers if you like, not only good football players, they give energy to the rest of the team and they run and put in big numbers. Certainly, I'm looking for those two to kick on even further after a good pre-season with the group, and certainly, I'm looking to add some players for them to go on a journey with here.  

You seem angry with the defending? 

We lost a big game last week to two errors that we could do better in those moments and this week we let in two more goals through poor moments and it's not a good look on us as a team in terms of the work that we're doing and it's something that the staff pride themselves in - our defensive organisation, our pressing. Whenever this club has done well for the last few years, it's been because of the team effort when we're defending and it's not something I'm willing to accept. So, sometimes I need to smile a little bit more, but I'm setting this team up for bigger challenges and bigger days and to go on long runs and the good teams don't let goals in and good teams keep clean sheets consistently. If they're not keeping clean sheets, they concede one and we're conceding goals far more than what I would like. Some people would point at the five you score the other end, and sometimes you have to open up to go and score. And but those two goals are similar to the last two - there's no reason to concede them, so I'm going to be annoyed and I do take a few days to get over it, so they are certainly going to feel it behind the scenes. 

What were your thoughts on Alfredo’s double? 

Every single day he trained. He's had some bumps and bruises and at times I'd say to him, you know, you can have a day off training today. But he's not that type of boy. He wants to train all the time. He wants to play all the time. He's always fit and ready to go. He's not at the level of the Alfredo that we know he can be. But he's still scoring goals. Two more today. He's working hard for the team. I thought he had a decent performance last week as well. So that's all you can ask for. Today. We had a lot of players missing and Alfredo stood up for the team and played when he had one or two issues himself. So that's all I can ask for from him.