Read every word of the manager's post-match press conference. 

How do you sum up that game?

Bitterly disappointed, it’s fine margins that decide big games. I think we’ve made an error again in a moment and conceded the goal and the game has been very harsh. Second half we took the game to Celtic and had big moments and haven’t executed. In big games, we can’t have the play we’ve had and make the mistake and get away with it.

Does that make it more frustrating?

Yeah, we always felt we could carry a threat. In the second half, we came out and did a lot of good running in the game but again, we missed big chances similarly to the cup final here. For the players when you’re giving them feedback, what do you want in the game? You want opportunity, possession of the ball, you want to be able to take the game to them. All that happened today, if you get the opportunity, don’t take it and make the error you’re going to fall short against a good team. Both teams went head to head and ultimately, we had our moments to win it. Like in previous games against Celtic but we’ve fallen short.

Switching off like that can’t happen?

No, it can’t. It’s happened in a lot of the big games this season for the club. We’re not meaning to make mistakes but in the big moments, we have done.

What is that down to?

We throw them big words out, mentality and character. We’ve switched off, two or three players. They know, they’re in there, they’re kicking themselves. It’s a big moment in their careers, it’s a costly moment for all of them and for us as a football club. When they score, fair play they’re alive in that moment and we’re not.

What’s still to play for?

Some are fighting for their futures and we have to play the game in front of us. It’s a big weight and responsibility to wear the shirt and a privilege as well. Next week, Ibrox will be an interesting place but the fans will be there because that’s what they do they support their team and they will expect them to win. This one will sting for a few days but the problems are not just today are they, they’ve been throughout a disappointing season from the moment we beat PSV, this season promised a lot more than it’s been given. It’s the first season in a couple of years where we haven’t won a trophy, or a big finale to the end of the season. That’s been disappointing for everyone associated with the club, all we can do is move forward and do better, we need to do better.

What comfort can the summer bring?

It will be the biggest rebuild the club has seen in a number of years. You have to be respectful. You come in November and know that changes will be made, you’re asked at every press conference. I’ve got a group of players I need to manage and keep motivated for the games I’ve been here. It’s obvious I’m not going to condemn and send them away, but it’s also obvious as we get to the summer there is going to be some change. If you haven’t heard any news about certain players it would be amiss to not keep asking the same questions. If you don’t hear anything then people’s contracts are running out and it probably gives you a good indication that change is in the air.

Do the issues in the final third demonstrate what you can only fix in the window?

As a team, if you defend, against a very good opponent and keep your goalkeeper quite clean in the whole game and defensively or tactically you think you’ve done reasonably well, likewise if you have big moments at the other end someone has got to step forward, be decisive and take them. That determines the difference between winning trophies or not and that’s the story of Rangers’ season, certainly domestically. We’ve had the moments. We’ve been here in a final and missed big opportunities on that day. We’ve been here in a semi-final and missed big opportunities to change the direction of the season. It has been in our hands and even against a really strong opponent, as strong a Celtic team as I’ve seen, our Rangers team have performed well today but where it counts in both boxes we’ve fallen short. In the summer, there will be fresh faces, renewed energy and renewed ideas with some of the boys that we’ve got now of course. We have to do better, all of us.

Rangers Review:

Will this be Kent and Morelos’ last games at Hampden?

Possibly, yes?

What number of player turnover are you looking at, a dozen or so?

Something in the words you used because there is a number out of contract. What I said [against St Mirren] was about the boys playing who were all in contract. Within the one or two I’ve mentioned are two that are out of contract. Everyone else is in contract so they’re not going anywhere overnight. There will be change we know that. Now is probably not the time to discuss that because I get when you win everything is brilliant, we wouldn’t be having this discussion if we win the game. We’ve lost it. Let’s deal with today. I thought the team in general performed quite well. They made a huge mistake in a game you can’t make it in. After that, they gave themselves enough opportunities to turn the game around and didn’t take them.

Is Todd Cantwell the type of player you can build around going forward?

Todd has always been a fantastic football player. Like most young players, breaking through at Norwich he took people by storm and then sometimes those things lull out. He went through a number of different managers and I think here he has got a home and hopefully he can perform on days like today and create in the final third that makes a difference in the game. I thought his efforts in the game were good, I thought the majority of the players gave me their full efforts today. We were just short in the boxes.

Are you an angry manager when players don’t step up?

Not angry, disappointed, frustrated. I think the group has been capable of more. I think it’s clear that come the end of the season when it’s written we haven’t been able to produce. Coming back into the club I knew there was going to be change. We’ve been in need of the summer for a while to be honest but certainly after today, that will come. I think it’s fair to say for the fans and the squad as well, we need some new faces and new energy. Some of the ideas and way we’ve played is good, we’re able to win a lot of games. But on days like today, we’re able to create big opportunities to give ourselves a better future, this season we haven’t been able to take it. The people I feel for the most are the fans because they expect more from their team and I do as well. Moving forward we all have to improve.