With Dujon Sterling and Jack Butland linked with moves to Ibrox this summer, Derek Clark caught up with Angela Smith from BBC Stoke to get an insight into the pair.

How has Dujon performed this season?

Firstly, if you get him, he’ll be a great signing. We’re all gutted at Stoke that he’s going somewhere else. He’s been very consistent at the Potters and he’s worked hard. He’s probably a better attacking full-back than people give him credit for but he's competent in all that he does and he's not let Stoke down at all throughout the season.

What is his primary position?

He normally plays as a full-back on either side. He can play either side equally well. He played occasionally, central for us when we've had an injury, but he's predominantly a full-back who likes to attack. He’s not a wing-back, he's a full-back but with attacking tendencies.

Was Alex Neil keen on bringing Dujon back on a permanent basis?

Yeah, and I think all the fans were desperate for him to come back. He said himself that he would like to play for Stoke but, of course, you say that when you think you might get signed by a club. We’ve always felt that he might go on to a bigger club and you don't get much bigger than Glasgow Rangers and then, of course, there's the lure of international and Champions League football there. He'll go to where he obviously gets well paid but he's an ambitious player and I think he's already been sold the Rangers dream.

Is he comfortable playing with both feet?

Yeah, he is. He’s a two-footed player. He's got a really good passing range and he's good at heading. You've got a diamond of a player.

What was his relationship like with the fans?

He was very well-liked by the fans. He doesn't say a lot, he leads by example. He used to come along to the changing room and just say hello to people. He wasn't what you’d call a vocal player but he let his feet do the talking.

Did he encounter any injury problems this season?

He's had a couple of injuries, but nothing that has kept him out too long. Listen, Rangers have not called the market on injured players. If anybody’s injured, we sign them. When players get injured at Stoke it’s like, ‘Oh well, here’s another one to join the queue.’ We have a queue going in and out of the physio room but he’s been pretty consistent and had had very few injury problems. I hope I haven't put the kiss of death on him though.

Jack Butland has been heavily linked with Rangers. What are your main recollections of him at Stoke?

Jack's either brilliant or dreadful. Most of the time we had him he was a brilliant player. You don't get many greater goalkeepers than the late, great Gordon Banks who said so much good about Jack. They became close friends and they had lots of chats about the way Jack was playing. When he first came to Stoke, he was unbelievably good and he played well for us until he got injured playing for England in an international when he broke his ankle clearing the ball. From that moment in time, he was never quite the same goalkeeper, certainly not his distribution. Then eventually he wanted to move on. He had a couple of seasons when he wasn't very good for Stoke. He made a few howlers. But by and large, he's an excellent keeper and I'm a believer that if you've been really good, you don't completely lose it. He needs a decent run to get his confidence back. He's a really good guy, an excellent trainer and I think he'll be a good signing for whoever gets him next.

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Do you think a move to Rangers and a fresh challenge might do him good?

He’s not old by goalkeeping standards. He keeps himself incredibly fit, he works very hard at his game and he studies all the time on how he needs to improve. I think he just needs a little bit of luck and a consistent run in the team and he’ll be a really good signing. What’s more important is he will work better when there’s a big crowd and Rangers always have big crowds. He thrives on the atmosphere.

Do you think Dujon and Jack would thrive playing for a club with such demands placed upon them?

I think they'll both be good but Dujon isn't fazed by anything. He looks very laid back, but he's a competitor. He's really gritty and I think he too will rise to the occasion. Obviously, next season you'll be wanting to beat Celtic again and do better Celtic so the crowd will be behind them, I'm sure.

Rangers Review:

What do you put Jack’s downturn in form down to?

I really do think the injury did for him. He was, without doubt, the best goalkeeper in the country at that time. I think it rocked his confidence and then he had a few problems getting back to full fitness. The ankle was right and then it wasn’t and they found out it was still fractured so that set him back about 18 months and he never recovered at Stoke from that. When he moved on to Crystal Palace we thought he'd become a much better goalkeeper than he did. But of course, there was another good goalkeeper there so he didn't get as much chance as he would have hoped for. I think he'll be a really good acquisition for Rangers.

Is Jack a commanding presence as a goalkeeper?

Jack is as organised as they come and he's a good shouter. You'll hear Jack if there's any problems with his defence and so will his defence. He comes out, he clears the ball and he doesn't stand on his line a great deal. He's a very athletic and technically gifted goalkeeper.