Here's everything the forward had to say in his press conference after Rangers 3-1 Ross County.

What did you make of that game - could have been more?

Yeah, that's an understatement I think it could have been a lot more maybe should've. But we got a good win in a postponed game and let's hope we can keep a little bit of luck for the next games or more important ones at the end of the season.

What was it like to play in?

It was a weird game and a fast one. We started really well with lots of chances and then they scored out of the blue and then we were a little shaken. Afrer a couple of minutes we went back into our mode where we'd been for our last weeks. We scored at a good moment right before half time. Second half, we kept pushing but there were a lot of things. Sometimes we were unlucky, sometimes the finishing could have been better, sometimes the goalkeeper was amazing he had a lot of good saves. Like I said overall we can be happy, it's positive we are getting these positions.

How would you sum up your first half?

When you go in with a goal 30 seconds before half time it's a good feeling. During the half I think I played a good half, when you get these positions it's what the gaffer wants but a little unlucky as well. Unlucky at points as well. A good goal with the first chance then I hit the post and I think I did everything well in that action, next ball I did everything well again but it's cleared off the line and that is unlucky. Then you get a second goal right on half-time and can go in with a good feeling.

Your relationship with James Tavernier seems to be growing?

It's the small things, sometimes we just need eye contact to know what we're doing. That's the connection you work on in training and games and obviously, those things are not there in August or September, these things are growing and these goals are a good example but also it happened in December. Tav gets the balls there  - it's the job of the striker to finish them.

You must feel really confident?

Definitely - the team and me are in a good place. Everyone is scoring and contributing and you also feel the atmosphere, especially in the last games, it's becoming a little extra compared to the games before. We as players feel that as well. That's really positive, a huge thing which can be a boost for the next 13 games in the league and hopefully that can make the difference.

It must be satisfying to hear your name sung.

Obviously, it is a good feeling to get recognition from the fans it means I have been doing things well. Especially for a striker, it's all in the package of the team. It's a nice feeling and I think there is a really positive vibe in the stadium and the training ground. We're in a good place and want to keep this going. Not just in the locker room but with the fans and we are on a good way with that.