James Tavernier has spoken at Rangers' pre-match press conference. Here is what he said ahead of the clash with Benfica.

What do you expect from Benfica and can Ibrox play a major role?

Obviously we have those previous experiences of playing in the Europa League games at Ibrox and the fans really come with an electric energy and get right behind the team. It is obviously our home stadiums so I expect a different game compared to Benfica. We are going go into the game and give it our all and hopefully get into the next round.

Do you have to prepare players to step up a gear or are the new players used to that as part of the package of being here?

I think it becomes part of the package. The recruitment side have recruited talented players to play in that environment because we want to be playing European football every season. It is the way we train every single day and that prepares us for the games. All the squad are prepared for these competitions and they suit us really well because it is always an open game. The boys are hungry to succeed and we have really been on at each other from the start, pushing each other every single day.

Can you outline the culture change from the manager?

I believe the standards, from when the gaffer came into the building, have gone up. It is the small details that the gaffer imprints on the players and everyone is really buying into it. All the boys are really professional, we have got no boys who are stepping out of line, we have got good characters in the squad. We are all really gelling together and it is going well so far. Like the gaffer said, it is a story and we are all in it together. We want to continue to push each other as hard as we can to succeed.

What can you learn from the Seville season?

Obviously not losing the final. It is different, there is a different squad but the same principles are there. You have got to outwork the opponent, really dial into the details and the tactical side of what you do in the game. It is about who wants it more as well. I know all the players are ready and we will give it everything to try and get through to the next round.