Here's what the Rangers captain had to say after Rangers 3-1 Hibs.

How do you look back on that game?

An important three points. First half I thought we could have maybe performed a bit better defensively with the press. There were too many gaps but delighted with the way we responded when we conceded the goal before half time. I think that was the only chance they had throughout the game. Then we managed the game well, could have scored a couple of goals more. Delighted to see players coming back into the team fit and healthy. Abda back and Rabbi getting on the scoresheet. Day to day we have working on that mentality, to be winners, and it is showing the way we are performing. We are never looking back, we are always looking forward to bounce back if need be, or to ride the tide.

Talk us through your goal?

It needed to be after the pen! I listened to my wife on where to put the ball. She said just go down the middle and you are guaranteed a goal - and it did not go in. She is getting the blame for that one. I had to respond and I did. Hibs are a good footballing team, they like to play and their threat is the pace up front and it was key to manage that. We managed it really well, I though Dujon stepped in really well.

Good to see some players returning?

Really delighted for Rabbi. It is good to have players back fit and healthy. The gaffer said he is going to get a headache for selection and that is what you want as a captain. You want everybody to push each other on. Really happy for Abd to come back and Rabbi to get on the scoresheet.

Your goals record this season is very impressive?

It is not too bad, it is obviously the team allows me to have the freedom and obviously the gaffer. I take full responsibility for that goal because I did not track my man properly but I managed to get a goal and that is what I will try to do for the rest of the season, help the team in any way I can.

You went down near the end of the game, are you ok?

I had three teeth taken out at the start of the week so I have only been on soup and mashed potatoes. I have not had the best diet but it was only a bit of cramp.

You're now the UK's highest-scoring defender?

It is crazy. If you would have told me when I first jumped into professional football that I would have a chance to become the highest scoring British defender in history I would not have believed you. That is down to all the teammates I have played with over the years who have helped me through the journey. I will just continue working hard and see how many I can get until I hang my boots up a long way down the line.”