Cyriel Dessers and Rabbi Matondo have been speaking to Sky Sports after the pulsating 3-3 draw with Celtic at Ibrox.

Here is everything they had to say.

Cyriel, how do you try to sum that game up?

At this moment I don't have a lot of words. I think it's one of the craziest games I've had in my life. For us, to get a draw out of this after the start is going to be massive for us for the rest of the season.

What was said at half time?

The gaffer didn't recognise us. He said the things we've been doing in the past five months, he didn't see them and I can only agree. You can see we are mentally, so strong. You can see what we can put on this pitch in the second half against a good team, I'm so proud of this team and I think a lot is possible this season.

How key was that belief that you could still get back into it?

We know we've did it in the past few months a couple of times so we know it's possible to get back from a losing situation but to do it in a massive game like this with the pressure full on, that says a lot about this team. I'm proud and happy for the guys as well who came in and were important in that manner because it's not easy to come into a game at this pace but they did unbelievable and I'm happy for these guys because I see them work the whole week and the last months and this is what they deserve.

Rabbi, talk us through your goal?

I just thought to cut in and have a shot. I wasn't doing my best in the game so I thought when I got that opportunity to cut in just take my chance and thankfully, it went in and helped the team in the end.

What did it feel like?

Amazing. You want to score in these types of games, you want to score in every game, of course, but it just felt great to see it hit the back of the net. I thought we could've maybe pushed on and get the winner. In the end, Cyriel had a chance which went close but we'll take the point for now.

What did the manager say to you before you came on?

He just said to me, 'Do what you always do'. In terms of what I've been doing in training working hard to get on my man or to get shots off and that's what I tried to do.

Cyriel, do you think you might've won it at the end with that shot?

I hit it well and for a second I thought it could be in but it went past just by a tiny bit so it was unlucky but we're going to play them one more time so hopefully, in that game it's going to be in.

What is a mixture of emotions when your goal was chopped off?

To have these emotions and score the goal that you dream of for a long time and then to get it chopped off hurts but it's all about the team and we get a good point out of this and we go on from here with a positive feeling.