Here's every word Philippe Clement had to say in his press conference after Rangers' 3-2 defeat away at Ross County.

What did you make of that game?

That we threw away the points. We didn't start well in the first half on the ball and in the duels. We had chances but we were not lethal with the chances we had in the first half, a few of which were clear ones. You come into half time in a good way 1-0 ahead and I warned the players it was not good enough in the first half and I wanted to see more [after the break] and get the clean sheet, but then you concede two goals in five minutes or something like that and start to chase the game. That makes it more difficult and you give energy to the opponent who get more energy and put their bodies in front of the ball all over the pitch to make a decisive duel. In the last half hour, I saw the urgency and I wanted to see that 90 minutes long, not 30 minutes long.

Is that what's frustrating, the start of the second half?

Yeah of course but it doesn't matter how fast the lead was lost, there were too many mistakes made in our defensive part which is not usual from our team. Since we've been together we've been the team who conceded the least goals in this five/six months. There were some strange goals to concede and we didn't score enough with the opportunities we had. In the end we give a lot of energy to our opponent and all credit to Ross County who defended with a big heart until the end. We need to see the opposition team don't get so much energy by being better with and without the ball 

Does it make winning the title all the more difficult?

It's not about that. We need to continue what we've been doing and focus on ourselves and go every time hard to get three points. It starts on Wednesday when I want to see a better performance.

How deflating is the changing room?

I don’t know if you have ever played football but if you lose a game then you are very disappointed. And it’s now about showing that mentality tomorrow as they step into the building with a lot of power and belief to take the three points on Wednesday. 

Is that the challenge, you could see the fans' frustration at the end?

I think it is already a big step forward that they [the players] went to the fans and showed their respect for everyone that travelled that far and it shows also how much respect there is from both sides and it is about standing up on Wednesday and taking three points. It is all about that. We have now been six months together. I have not seen a performance in these six months like I saw today so we have to take the good lessons out of that and react. Because they have shown enough times that they can do much better than they did today. 

Do you now need to win the last six games?

I am not a mathematician so I do not know. We are going to go every game to win the game and we will see in the last two games what the ranking is. The same story as it was three days ago or one week ago. We need to be focused on us. Maybe it was part of what happened today but it is not an excuse, it’s been all week about anything except football in our club and around our club so maybe that influenced things, but it is not an excuse. We need to win games whatever the situation. 

Why were you defensively weak?

It is about communication, it is about positioning, it was a lot of things. We will discuss it tomorrow. 

Did you not shake hands with Don Cowie?

I went inside directly but I will shake hands with him directly after, no problem. I wanted to prepare really well what I had to say to the team. Nothing towards him, a lot of credit for him and what he has been doing here. 

How difficult is it not knowing where Wednesday;s game will be played?

Yes that stays a strange situation but it is not in my hands. I need to focus on the football and that is what we will do. 

Does it impact preparations?

Of course, because you do not even know what hotel you need to take. Okay, but these are decisions above my head.