Philippe Clement has spoken to the media after the draw with Dundee. Here is what he had to say.

You said you were looking for a reaction tonight – how do you feel?

Yes, they gave a reaction. We didn’t get the result we wanted. We were the only team to deserve this result this evening in the possession, in the chances also. The clear chances. But you need to put the ball against the net. And you also need some luck sometimes. A few good opportunities, a few good saves of the goalkeeper who had a really good game. A few times the ball was saved on the line, in the goal. You need to take that moment, and that opens up the game. If Dundee needs to come also and to do something with the ball, what they almost didn’t do, accept from the start of the game.

Are the performances and results concerning with so few games left of the season?

 It would be concerning if it was the same performance as Sunday. That was not the case. So, there were a lot of things much better, it was also needed because Sunday was our worst performance in the six months that we’ve been together. Then it’s a pity that they shows better things but don’t get the result behind you. But, it’s about standing up and being ready for Sunday again, to take the result. If they keep on pushing what they did today then results come also because that’s not big difference from how they played a few weeks ago or a few months ago.

Did you feel that was a good reaction from players after Sunday?

Yes of course it’s a good reaction. But I know from journalists, for fans, that sometimes they’re only looking at the result. I saw players who gave everything to get the result. It’s not easy against a team who play man making all over the pitch and follow you…even if you go to the toilet. So, to create the space we did, the chances were there, also on a pitch that was bumpy and it’s difficult to control in moments and do the decisive things. But, those are not excuses. My team today gave everything. I was angry, I was disappointed on Sunday. Today I’ve seen a team who of course could do better. But I saw a team that wante3d to do everything to get the result and play out of the structure that we’ve always used over the last couple of months. And because of that we’ve been decisive also.

How do you see your chances for the title?

I said when we were winning the games, I said the same that I would look at the end. OK, you guys point out the ranking a lot. I know we need maybe to win five games to do that. We made a series like that during the season. It is about game by game doing that, focusing on that and not on the series. We still have our own fate in our hands.

How frustrating was the result?

Of course it is frustrating because you want to win, of course. You see the team gives everything for that. There was only one team who deserved to win this evening if you see the possession and the chances. It is frustrating if you have those things and don’t have the points.

What do you say to the fans?

That they need to stick with the team. That is super important. It is winning together and losing points together. I know as a fan you have the emotions and for sure after the game. but they have been great the last couple of months and pushing the team over difficult moments. That is what I expect also in this situation. They expect that the team gives everything to win games. Maybe in the next weeks they can push the team a few times over the line, or the ball over the line.

Do you believe this side can still win the title?

I still believe that. I was maybe the only one in Glasgow who believed that in October, probably the only one of the all town who believed that. We are now six months later and if we win all our games then there is a really big possibility for that. I think that is already a big step forward and I believe in these players, this group, because I have seen what they have done this season already. They can do it again.

Are your players struggling with the pressure?

No, I don’t think so. I don’t think it has anything to do with that.