“Why is your content behind a paywall?”

It’s a question we are asked often at the Rangers Review and one we don’t shy away from.

Content always has a price when it comes to professional journalism - even when you don’t have to stump up for it directly.

Staff always have to be paid, equipment must be bought as has the electricity to power it after all.

Some chose to pay for that with advertising. To make up for content being gratis, they have to ensure millions of eyeballs see the brands that line the sides and middle of their copy. That means attention-grabbing content is a must. That means volume is non-negotiable. We know where this story ends and you don’t have to look too hard for examples.

The Rangers Review is going in a totally different direction.

It’s our aim to produce top-class content every day that not only befits the great institution we cover but crucially, that fans can trust and genuinely like.

That’s important to us. We don’t want you to click in anger or fury. Rather, we want to produce content that people actually enjoy.

Here are five reasons why we are asking you to subscribe today and join our growing community.

1. We cover the club with a positive attitude. Every writer that puts pen to paper on this site will be someone who cares about the club, its past and its future. We are journalists, but we are coming from a positive place first and foremost. We won’t be looking for cheap headlines or firing out sensationalist pieces to stir the pot. Views will be balanced and measured, even when we feel something strongly, making ours a voice you can trust.

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2. We have the best video content. We will join you every day with a steaming mug of coffee and fresh opinion on all things Rangers at 9:30 am. Broadcasting live across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you can also find it on the website at a time of your choosing. It’s the best way to start your day, making sure you are armed with all the facts about the biggest Rangers talking points. We will also produce regular tactical videos picking apart how the team play and explaining formations, systems and player instructions in an accessible way for fans.

3. We have gone big on making sure we have the most detailed tactics and analysis pieces around. Thanks to our partnership with Stats Bomb and Wyscout, we have a plethora of material from each game to dig through to bring you the stories before anyone else has even realised they are happening. Our writers look at everything from set pieces to individual players as they assess performances in granular detail. Every match is also broken down into a match report like no other that deals in facts rather than opinion with everything from pressing zones to xG and player heat maps. It’s content you won’t get anywhere else.

4. We have the best Rangers opinion writers in the country. From much-loved bloggers like Stevie Clifford of Four Lads Had A Dream to established writers like Derek Clark and Chris Jack, you will get daily, thought-provoking opinion pieces about the events at Ibrox and beyond. We have an opinion on everything, and while you won’t always agree, we hope you always find it compelling and reasoned.

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5. We are producing long-form content that you can really get your teeth into. We are not interested in doing an interview to generate headlines, we want to delve into all the glorious detail behind a Rangers era or career and bring light where there has previously been shadow. It might be a look back at a time of turmoil to find out what actually went on behind the scenes, as we did in our interview with Pedro Caixinha or it could be a deep dive into the mercurial season of 1987/88 when Graeme Souness had perhaps the club’s best chance to lift the European Cup but also gifted the league title back to Celtic from a position of strength. There will be plenty on the website that takes you on a journey into the club’s storied history.

Simply put, this kind of journalism takes time and money. The Rangers Review has come about because there is a belief that fans want to see their beloved club covered in a respectful, diligent way by people that understand it.

That’s what we are building.

Join us in our quest to create something new and exciting on the Scottish sports journalism landscape and subscribe today.