ANDY HALLIDAY reckons Connor Goldson misrepresented his own thoughts in his controversial post-match interview after Rangers lost to Hibs.

The Hearts player believes former team-mate Goldson was overcome with emotion ahead of the interview and ended up saying things he didn't fully mean.

Speaking on Open Goal, Halliday insisted he wasn't defending Goldson but stated his interview which "doesn't sound good" didn't come across the way the defender intended.

Goldson had questioned whether his side had "lost a bit of hunger" and claimed the game was over a 3-1 down at half-time.

Speaking on Premier Sports after the match Goldson said: "We can be inside at half-time and say 'believe in ourselves, blah, blah, blah but the game's over as we are three goals down and three-one down at half-time. It's nowhere near good enough and nothing to do with them (the coaches).

"We know that the new manager was here today and you would hope that players would want to impress but after that performance we need a change. We need a spark as I don't want to say this but I feel that we have lost a bit of hunger.

"All of a sudden we are champions and we don't need to work as hard which is wrong.

"I feel that it's crept in all season, we haven't been good enough the whole of the season so far. Hopefully the new manager can come in. and give us a spark."

And Halliday is confident Goldson will look back on the interview and be frustrated with the way he has come across.

The ex-Rangers player said: "I'm not trying to defend him at all but we've all been in situations where we've lost a big game and you can't think of anythign worse than going out to do the f***ing press.

"And you can see in his face before he even starts speaking that he's filled with emotion already and I just think he's made an a*** of what he wanted to say.

"Listen, what he said it doesn't sound good, let's be honest. But I don't think that's the way he's meant it to come across.

"I think he'll watch back that interview this morning and he'll think: 'F***ing hell man I didn't mean it like that, I didn't mean for it to come out like that'."

But Halliday did himself question Goldson "hunger" query as he insisted he can't speak for other players.

The Hearts player also took issue with the comments on the game being over at half-time as he weighed in on the controversial interview.

Halliday added: "I think the hunger thing, listen I don't like it because you can't be questioning - talk about yourself, I can't say you've lost hunger because I don't know. 

"The 3-1 at half-time and the game is done he doesn't mean that surely, because how is the game done when you're two down?"