As we rush to order our Christmas online, some shoppers might be concerned about how to get their parcels safely amid Omicron variant concerns.

The festive period is always a busy one but as we cling on to the hope that Christmas won't be cancelled again this year, it is set to get even busier.

Between busy schedules and reports of stolen and damaged packages, we have put together a list of top tips courtesy of the package experts at Bounce. 

“More and more of us are choosing to shop for Christmas gifts online, however, despite the ease and convenience online shopping offers, there are some major downsides," comments CEO and Founder of Bounce, Cody Candee.

Rangers Review: Delivery cardboard box. Credit: CanvaDelivery cardboard box. Credit: Canva

"One of these downsides is that a physical address is required to receive a package, and if you are out at the time of delivery your parcel is at risk of being damaged or stolen. 

“Our package receiving service offers a great alternative to home deliveries to prevent porch piracy and damaged Christmas gifts this holiday season.

"It also enables you to keep your presents a secret from those you live with, leaving the surprise till Christmas day. 

“At Bounce, we partner with local businesses across hundreds of cities so that no matter where your package comes from or who sent it, you can get it delivered safely and securely to the Bounce location you choose and collect when convenient to you.” 

Whether you're wanting to limit your contact with people in light of the new Covid 19 variant or getting your packages delivered to your home address doesn't suit you, we've got you covered.

Here are the top 5 tips to ensure the safe delivery of your parcels this festive season.

Top 5 tips to get your parcels safely

1. Use a package receiving service 

You can get a package receiving service to accept and hold on to your deliveries until you're ready to pick them up.

This will help keep your parcels safe from thieves or weather damage by adding an extra level of security to the delivery process.

Not to mention, Package acceptance services are ideal for keeping the delivery of Christmas presents a secret since they can hold on to the items until you are ready to collect them.

If you want to see some tips about how to hide your Christmas presents from your kids before the big day, you can also check out our rundown.

2. Package locker systems 

If you are looking for a completely contact-free delivery system, package lockers might just be the thing for you.

You can organise with your delivery driver ahead of time to drop your package in a locker that works for you.

Instead of getting it delivered to your door, simply pick a locker that is convenient for you and go get it when you're ready.

If you're looking for a little bit of extra security, you can choose a locker system that has staff but you'll only be able to pick your parcel during its business hours.

3. Sign up for a PO box 

Similar to a package locker, a PO Box, or post office box, can be completely contactless while still getting your parcel safely.

A PO box is more for general mail than packages but some are big enough to take large parcels too.

They work by a courier dropping off your parcel and locking them box after them.

A PO box typically has better hours for you to pick up your parcel than a locker but you should check with your shipping company beforehand as some require a street address.

4. Get your parcel delivered to a friend or family member 

Another option is sending your parcel to a friend or family member that you trust.

If you know someone who works from home or is well placed to accept your package then leaving your parcel to someone you know is a great solution.

You won't need to worry about business hours as much plus, for the most part, a loved one will do you the favour free of charge - especially if there is a cup of tea and a catch up involved.

5. Get your parcel delivered to the office 

Getting your parcel delivered to your second home is an age-old alternative.

It can be a convenient answer if you're already going to be working there anyway.

But we recommend checking with your company beforehand as some workplaces might not have the place to store your delivery.