A difficult game against an organised opponent?

Tough game from the first minute, they had a really good shape and you can see that they analysed us really well. But I think also, our game wasn’t at the top. There are nights in a season where the movements are not on point but that’s when you have to be strong as a team collectively and get the three points - that’s what we did today.

Did you impact the game better playing centrally?

In the past, I’ve said I enjoy playing in the middle of the pitch. I get more touches of the ball, whenever the team has difficulties building up I can get in good spots where I can get the ball and help the team up the pitch. I really enjoyed the second half, being on the ball more and creating for the team, with more runners in front of me. I think that is when I’m at my best. I’m really happy we got over the line and got three points to finish a tough week.

What was your view of the penalty?

A clear penalty! The ball would’ve come at me. I could’ve had an opportunity to score. So I think it was a clear penalty.

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There was never any doubt over who was going to take it?

I think Tav is first and then obviously we’re there myself, Kemar [Roofe] and Borna [Barisic]. We’re all good penalty takers.

How do you feel the team approached a challenging tie?

The most important thing is to stick to the game plan. We have a game plan before the game. At least for the first half, we stick with it and try to do our best. At half time if the game plan doesn’t work that’s when you have some tweaks in the team. You could see in the second half that we changed a little bit, I came into the middle and Scott [Wright] came on. It was a tactical game – the coaching staff did a fantastic job and put us in situations to score. Besides the penalty kick, I think we had another two or three opportunities in the second half where we could have scored and killed the game.

How much belief does a victory like that give you?

I’ve been here in situations, for example, my first season, where we didn’t play that well and we still didn’t win. Last season, even on nights where we didn’t play well we got the three points. I think it’s a key thing that if a game plan doesn’t go well or we have a day in which we don’t play at our best, it’s really important to be ruthless. Score when you have the opportunity, kill the game and keep the clean sheet.

Is it difficult to adapt in-game when you change positions?

I don’t see it as difficult. As long as you’re in a team like Rangers, that means you can play different positions and are tactically intelligent and can adapt. The coaching staff play us in positions where we can play. It’s not as if they play me as a full-back. We just adapt and have to perform because there are players that want to be in your place. The competition between players is really healthy and that keeps the standards high.

How pleased are you with the recent form?

We’re really happy with the clean sheet. I think that’s really big. Until today we have done a really good job, we just have to keep it up.

How have you enjoyed working under the new regime?

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I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I had the privilege to be coached by Steven Gerrard and I improved a lot as a player. I became a more complete player with him. Learned the dirty part of football that I wasn’t used to. Now, I have a coach that played at the highest level, a leader and captain for the national team. It’s just a privilege and I want to take my game to the next level. The way he thinks about football - I love it. I just really enjoy it. I’m not taking everything for granted. Every second I’m trying to learn and being open to playing new positions.

Is there a sense that you’re recovering momentum over the last month?

We had some difficulties at the start of the season. Injuries etc. We’re in a good position in the league. In Europe, we’re into the next round. We’re doing quite a good job until now. Things change mid-season – that’s football. As a player, you just have to adapt and deliver. At this club, you have to deliver regardless of the circumstances. We want to finish really strong before the winter break, have a week off, relax and deliver again in the second half of the season.