RANGERS turned down offers to have a Netflix-style behind-the-scenes documentary filmed ahead of the title-winning season last year.

Ibrox managing director Stewart Robertson revealed various documentary-makers have contacted the club over a show similar to Netflix's Sunderland 'Til I Die, Amazon All or Nothing series or the Drive to Survive Formula 1 programme.

But Robertson explained Rangers have never agreed to any of the show offers as he cited possible editing issues which could show the club in a very negative or positive light.

He told The Athletic podcast that while it would've been nice to have the behind-the-scene documented in the title win last season, chiefs have preferred to keep any production in-house.

But he didn't rule it out in the future as he pondered the possibility of a show in the future when quizzed on the matter.

He said: "We've been asked a couple of times particularly last season we were asked and we said no.

"Having now heard of Drive to Survive, I wonder.

"But part of these things is how they're edited; what kind of control do you have over it?

"You can be made to look very good or you can be made to look very bad, just by editing a couple of words.

"It's something we haven't taken on so far.

"Last season, in the end, would've been fantastic to have had one of those behind-the-scenes documentaries."