Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Allan McGregor were speaking to the media ahead of Rangers’ tie with Borussia Dortmund.

What will it be like facing Gio Reyna?

I played with his father and I’m very good friends with the whole family. Gio I know from the day he was born so I have a special relationship with him as a friend, but also as a player because he came to Holland to train with our youth academy in Feyenoord. He was in our house and we were trying to help him be the player he is now. We’ve always kept in contact and seen each other at least once a year. It’s a special bond I have with the Reyna family and it’ll be special for both of us to play against each other. Being the competitors we are we both want to win but obviously, it’s a very special moment.

How big a step up is this tie?

We’re playing against one of the top sides in Europe. It’s nice for us to be still involved in Europe so you know when you’re involved in Europe after the winter break you’re going to play against very good opposition. So, we’re relishing the challenge to play against a top side and we will just go out and try to get through. It’s a challenge, but very good to still be involved in Europe.

Can you take advantage of Dortmund’s defence in transition?

Well, these moments are always very special and important in games, especially against good sides you don’t get a lot of chances and these are moments in which you can create some danger. We have analysed Dortmund very well, they won 3-0 at the weekend. They’re a quality side with good players, a good coach, so it will be a difficult game for us but one we relish.

Can you give us an update on your squad?

Filip [Helander] is not in our squad. We have limited spaces unfortunately to get players registered, so for me to put Helander out was a difficult decision of course because I know he’s a very important player still for us. He only played his first 60 minutes [against Annan] after so many months so he’s not in the squad. Leon is not available for tomorrow, hopefully, he will be available for next week and Ryan Jack trained as normal the last couple of days so is fit to come with us from Germany.

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Allan, what’s the difference in approach compared to domestic games?

All European games are different, I think they’re very different to domestic games. In European games, the opposition plays a different way but, as the boss said, we’ve analysed that. We’ll go out and try and do our best, obviously, you want to try and win every game, although it will be difficult because they’re a top opposition.

The way the game goes in Europe, it is different from domestic football.

Giovanni, there will be only 10,000 supporters at the Westfalenstadion and 50,000 at Ibrox, could that play into your hands?

Of course, it’s different to play for 10,000 people than with a full stadium. We know the differences, we’ve had those games in the season also with both full stadiums and fewer crowds. Still, we’re facing a good team so for me, that’s no different, we just have to go out and perform.

It’s two games, we know we have a game in hand next week at home so we want to have a good result to take back to Rangers, as good as possible.

Next week we have the second game at home with a full capacity so the difference is there but our aim is the same to get the best result possible.

Is there an element of relief you won’t be coming up against Erling Haaland?

No doubt everyone recognises the talent he has, the player he is. He is one of the top strikers in the world. For us, it’s also a case to prepare the game without him, Dortmund have been playing without him for weeks so, for me, it’s just a case of preparing the players for what opposition we will face and also the qualities of the players.

It looks like he won’t be in the squad tomorrow but if he is, we’re going to prepare as well if he was playing, but the quality he has, there is no doubt he’s a good player.

For games like these do you coach Alfredo Morelos to play a specific role or do you allow him to play where he enjoys playing?

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I think it’s a combination. You have players who will play with their intuition in moments of the game. I think we have to give that freedom to players, not only to Alfredo but especially to the strikers so they’re able to play with intuition but you want to have your defensive and offensive shape as a team.

Alfredo has a big role in that so in moments he has to take up the position we want him to become dangerous but there are moments he is free to do whatever he feels. He is one of the players who can do that, Ryan [Kent] is also a player who has the freedom in areas we want him to be so I think it’s a combination.

Do you learn so much about your players in games like these?

We are football players, we are managers, we want to play against the best opposition possible. I think it’s normal for players to live the moments we are facing now, playing against Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League. Those are the games you want so that’s why you work hard from when you are young to be able to play these games so everyone is excited and ready to play this game against big opposition in a nice stadium.

We have to make sure we are going to enjoy the game and make sure we are prepared to try to win this tie. That is what you want in life and what you want in football, to face challenges and to overcome the challenges.

Have you spoken to Joe Aribo and Ryan Kent about their contract situations?

No, I haven’t spoken with them about extending contracts. That’s something the club will do in the near future so we just need to make sure we have the future well planned. Of course, these are players who are very important for our club so I think the talks will begin but with players of these qualities, you want to have them as long as possible.