ALLY MCCOIST has bitten back after rapper Snoop Dogg suggested he would book flights to celebrate in Glasgow if Celtic were to land the Scottish Premiership title this season.

With the league campaign reaching an intriguing climax, Snoop said: “My Bhoys are not there yet but after their win against Rangers, they are getting close to winning the championship.

“Snoop hasn’t booked his ticket just yet but the passport is out of the safe.

"As soon as they are champions, you better believe I am on that flight to Glasgow."

Rangers legend McCoist was quizzed on Snoop's Celtic connections on talkSPORT today and host Laura Woods asked whether he would be welcome at his Indian restaurant of choice, run by Gers fan Satty Singh.

McCoist responded: "No, that ain't happening.

"He can go to another Indian restaurant and take his party with him.

"I hope he gets dealt the hottest chilli he's ever had in his puff.

"I hope there's smoke coming out every orifice of his body, the next time he does a TV advert.

"I told you, Eminem is miles better. This is Eminem loyal here.

"It sounds like Snoop has been enjoying himself a wee bit too much.

"He needs to get on the Indian curries and off whatever he's on, to be quite honest."

On Rangers' biggest fan over the years, McCoist added: "It was Sean Connery, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it Snoop.

"But Eminem is, he's a mad bluenose."