Borna Barisic admits he has no idea whether he will stay with Rangers as he prepares to enter the final year of his deal next season.

But he insists he enjoys a 'top relationship' with the club after five years at Ibrox.

Barisic is preparing for the Old Firm clash this week and has enjoyed a consistent season with Michael Beale's side as they attempt to claw back a nine-point gap on Celtic.

The 30-year-old will go into the final year of his deal next season and accepts he has no idea what the future will hold for him.

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He said: "In the summer, I enter the last year of my contract. I have a top relationship with everyone at Rangers.

"If I went to another club, I would choose the one that was just like Rangers.

"But you never know what could happen, the situation could change in a day."

And Barisic, in an interview in a Croatian newspaper, admits he relishes the Old Firm showdowns against Celtic and has backed countryman Antonio Colak to perform at Parkhead.

He said: "On Old Firm day in Scotland, everything stops.

"The Scots are football fanatics and derby day is a holiday. They live for these games.

"At the moment, unfortunately, we are second, behind Celtic.

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"I would recommend everyone to go to that derby if they have the chance. The atmosphere is special and every derby is important.

"Antonio Colak got off to a great start with us and has scored over 15 goals for us. He is a great worker and has quality.

"As a person, he is a great guy too and we got really close.

"He had some minor injuries, but now he is playing well again, scoring goals, and is very happy to have come to Rangers."

Barisic discussed the difference between football in Scotland and Croatia.

He explained: "In Scotland, the intensity is stronger, there is more aggression, speed, and direct football.

"Our football is more technical and slower. It's hard to get used to playing every few days too. Football rituals are also different because of the fan culture.

"In Scotland, I changed my training methodology and diet. It's hard and you have to be very dedicated. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice, as with everything in life."

And Barisic believes Scots are impressed with Croatia's recent success where they reached the 2018 World Cup Final and finished third last year.

He said: "I often talk with Scottish people about this. They don't understand how we can do it and they can't.

"I always tell them that it is about our talent for sports. So when I tell them about our world achievements in other sports, they are amazed, they are fascinated.

"And when I tell them we don't even have a proper national stadium, they faint!

"The Scots love us very much and always support Croatia, they love our football. They also love our beaches, I keep telling them that they must visit the tourist attractions of Croatia. Luka Modric is their favourite player."