Danilo spoke to the media in the post-match press conference. Here is everything he had to say after the win over Hearts.

You left it late but it was all good in the end?

It was a special night for us. I’m just glad we’ve got the three points at home. Getting that late goal was a signal for us, it shows our spirit and the character that we have. The game lasts 90 minutes but we didn’t give up. As a team, we did a really great job to get the three points.

How big a moment was that for you and the whole team?

It’s just amazing to hear the fans appreciate your and sing a song for you. It shows that we fight and have the spirit, so bringing the fans behind us is just amazing. It’s just  at to play for this club. We’re taking it step by step. We did great today and also in the last two games so we’ll look to the next game and see what happens. That’s what the coach has said. He wants us to go week by week, month by month. We’re looking forward to our next game already. And hopefully we will get the three points again.

What were the scenes in the dressing room like?

The spirit of the group is great. We’re just try to keep making each other feel positive. You know, with our qualities we can make it happen. I think Tavernier today did a brilliant job. He scored the penalty and gave the final assist for my header so the mentality of the group is great. We’re just trying to keep that belief in each other, no matter who starts and who is on the bench. The group is amazing. The gaffer told us at half-time that if we keep believing in ourselves, we can do it. We thank the fans for staying behind us too. They kept pushing us on and thankfully we did it for them.

How are you finding playing with the mask?

When I wear the mask, it’s like a totally different guy. I really like it just now. I’d just like to thank the docs because they did a great job. Will I keep on wearing it on my face when I don’t need to? It’s too handsome! I also have a mental coach who helps me every Tuesday. When I had my surgery, I knew my moment would come. I was keeping in touch with the doc every day. He encouraged me to make duels. He knew this moment would happen and then it would be about my reaction. I just kept myself positive and I think that helped me a lot. During training, it’s something different but in the games you get adrenaline. I don’t know how long I’ll keep wearing the mask. 

Can you tell us about speaking with someone and what it has done for you?

The mental coach has helped me a lot, it’s changed my mentality since I had the surgery on my face. He just keep me feeling brave and believing in myself. I’m glad that I’m scored again with my head because he was saying to keep remembering that the last time I scored it was with my head.  

Is this just something you have done since coming to Rangers?

I also had a mental coach before in Holland who helped me with a lot of situations. It’s great to have one. It helps to clear your head. If you have some problems then there is someone to share, even though you have a wife. I’m really happy to have someone to help me after my surgery.