Ben Davies has been speaking ahead of Wednesday's trip to Dens Park to face Dundee.

Here is everything he had to say.

Can you give us an insight into what the nature of the win against Hearts did for the group?

I think results like that bring everyone together. I think the feeling after any late winner is brilliant. I think that togetherness is the main thing it brings and the belief we can keep going and get the rewards.

If you're going to be successful as a team, do you need moments like that to instill a belief?

I think so. I think the manager said it's not going to be straightforward the whole team and you just need to keep going and stick together. Like I said, moments like that brings everyone together and lifts that belief going forward.

Do you know the effect it can have across the city?

We need to win our games to close any gaps. It's one game at a time and focusing on what we can do. If it takes the first minute to win a game or the last minute, as long as we get that win, that's the most important thing.

How important is it you start to build some momentum?

It's important that we concentrate on each game that we've got. The next one is tomorrow night. We need to win that and then we go from there. If we look at the bigger picture then it's going to be harder for us to focus on what we need to do which is winning.

How much belief has the manager given you since he arrived?

He has given us belief and lifted our confidence as a team. I wouldn't say he's made wholesale changes in what we've been doing but little things. He'll pull you to the side and have a quiet word with you which will just give you a little boost. I think individually and collectively as a team he's tried to do that and I think it's worked so far.

Do you expect to play three at the back again after the Sparta Prague game?

We lost Borna last weekend and Ridvan wasn't in the Europa League squad so we didn't have a natural left-back so I think the manager has looked at it and seen what's the best method to attack that game. I think we took confidence from the way it panned out in the end and it's something we could potentially look to use again.

Has the resistance always been there or has anything changed in the last few weeks?

No, I think it's always been there. I think that when you go and produce that and that happens then moving forward from that it obviously grows that you can do it again and again. Obviously, we don't want to be waiting until the last minute to be winning but by doing that it shows that we can do it. That grows belief for next time.

It can be quite significant, can't it?

Yeah, like I said, it can bring the team together but it can also bring the fans closer to the team which is important here. I think everyone went home on Sunday with a good feeling.

How do you assess your own game at the moment?

I think I'm steady away. I think I can still improve in lots of areas. Every day you can learn new things and you can practice what you're good at and what you need to improve on. No game is perfect and each game when something doesn't quite go your way or you lose a battle against a player you can react and learn from that.

Do the players understand they're under a probation period with the manager?

I think so. Everyone's coming into training trying to impress him and get in his team. You've seen him give out opportunities to players off the bench so I think everyone's got the clean slate that he said. We're just coming in and trying to work hard and show him what we can do.

What is the dressing room like when a new manager comes into a club?

You're just trying to impress really. It's just head down, do your work on the pitch and then go from there.

Do you feel closer to the fans after Sunday's result?

I think we've had three decent results in a row which obviously helps. The way that we won the game on Sunday obviously helps as well. I thought Ibrox was really loud on Sunday with the winner. It's probably as loud as I've heard it in a while and it does feel like that connection is coming back.

How important is the fans' backing if you want to make it a title race?

It's crucial to have the fans onside. Obviously, it doesn't happen overnight. They want consistent wins and performances but I think we've started along the road to doing that but we've got a long way to go.

Dundee are unbeaten at home, how are preparations going for tomorrow night?

Good. Their home form has been good so we know it'll be a difficult game. I haven't played against them before, I know one of their players but other than that I didn't know much about them before we did our meetings.

The manager said Sunday was a reference game, has he spoken about that and how to break down Dundee?

Each game's different and you face different tasks in each game but I think we're looking to take Sunday into Wednesday now and try and get the ball rolling a bit.