There were suggestions Ben Davies would be shoehorned into left-back against Sparta Prague as a result of a selection crisis for Rangers.

Philippe Clement opted against asking Davies to play outwith his regular centre-back spot, however he did raise eyebrows by putting the defender on corners.

In the 0-0 Europa League group stage fixture last month, Davies was asked to take out-swinging corners for his side despite having never done so before in his career.

Davies admitted he was initially concerned over his set-piece ability before a pep talk from Clement to believe in himself and his qualities.

“He put me on corners," said the Ibrox defender as quoted by the Scottish Sun. "He asked me if I’d done it before and I said I wasn’t sure about taking them.

“But he said, ‘You can do it’. So that’s where the ‘have more belief’ comment came from.

“I wasn’t sure about taking corners because I hadn’t done it before.

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“I wasn’t sure about stepping up to the ball because I didn’t have anything to fall back on. What is going to happen?

“The manager wanted the out-swinger. He said I was good on the ball and he believed that I could take the corners.

“I didn’t expect it, but I took it as a compliment. That’s what I mean about the belief and confidence he has given out.

“Maybe he wants me to become more involved.

“He has said before he wants characters in the team and maybe he saw it as an opportunity to give me more responsibility.”