Steven Davis has spoken to RangersTV about his future at Ibrox. Here is everything he had to say.

What was it like taking that first step into coaching?

It was certainly a whirlwind, a great experience in many ways. You can certainly see how it becomes all consuming for managers. It was a great taste for something that I might look to do in the future. It was such a turnaround from receiving that phonecall then coming in and trying to prepare, obviously I had a lot of messages and different things and it took me a little bit of time to respond to that. I was coming in and fully focusing on the task in hand. It was long hours and a lot of detail went into trying to get the right results. When you come in, you realise the responsibility that you are stepping into. I just wanted to give them the best and I felt like I did that.

If someone had said when you joined in 2008 you would be Rangers manager, what would you have said?

I would probably have laughed at them to be honest. Away back then that was certainly far from my thoughts moving forward but getting the opportunity to do it, I am very honoured, very thankful to be given the opportunity. It was something that I really enjoyed.

Was taking to the dugout what you expected?

Yeah, I think so. A lot of the elements were. There is a lot more detail behind the scenes. I have been involved in football from the playing side for a long time and it was a different experience but one that I really enjoyed. I couldnโ€™t thank the staff around the club enough because they really helped me in terms of what I wanted and was asking of them.

What did the St Mirren game mean to you?

I think it was huge. It was really important for the club as a whole. Obviously the disappointment of Cyprus, we were all determined to go out there and get a result and it wasnโ€™t to be. It was important, especially leading into the international break and a new manager potentially coming in, that we got a result. For the boys as well, and the fans. I think everybody deserved that because the boys were working hard and it was a really important win. I think we had the benefit of going into the international break in many ways. Of course after a good result you want to play as soon as possible again but I think it was good for the boys to get that break and for the club to deal with the appointment. And for Philippe, to get him in the door and give him time to work with the team leading into the Hibs game. I think all in all it has been really positive since he came in and delighted with the appointment.

What have you made of the impact the manager has made?

Really impressed. I think he has come straight in, you can see the ideas that he wants to put within the team and certainly the last couple of games that has been evident on the pitch. A good level of detail in terms of what he recognises as the areas we can improve and the areas that we are good at we can continue to improve as well. He has been a breathe of fresh air since he came in and I hope he will have a long and successful career here at the club.

Did you discuss joining the manager's backroom staff, obviously you have opted to continue with your rehab, how did you come to that decision?

The manager has been great, it was great to work alongside him for a couple of weeks and see his ideas. Then, ultimately for me I have kind of got a decision to make with my knee. I think, first and foremost I am 11 months into rehab albeit the last four weeks have been a write-off because of doing the other side and the other role. Ultimately, my knee is not where I would like it to be and I think it is imperative I try and get that right first and foremost. Obviously, I am old in terms of the playing side of things but young in terms of life. Hopefully, wherever my career takes me in the future, whether that be coaching, management or playing it is really imperative I get my knee right first and foremost. I am still at the stage that I am not able to play with the kids in the garden, play football with my sons so I think it's important I get that right.

You have been in and around the club during your rehab, how is it coming along?

It has just really been starting up again this week after the last month and the detail that goes into the other side as I said. You can see how it becomes all-consuming and that is how it has to be whenever you go into the management or coaching side. That was certainly a good experience for me. Rehab is very much the same, I think it is very difficult to marry the two together. I think in my head I have to prioritise getting my knee right first and foremost and then once we get to a stage when that is in a good place I can make a decision about what way to move forward.

What is keeping you focused, is it that potential ambition to get back playing?

I think I am certainly realistic in terms of the factors that will go against me in terms of that, the length of time I have been out, the degree of the injury. I think I have been very lucky throughout my career, this is my first experience of a long-term injury so it has been a learning curve for me. What I have learned is it is certainly not straightforward and difficult to put a time frame on it. I think first and foremost I need to get my knee in a good place that gets me in a position to make a decision on what the future looks like - whether I've got a real good opportunity to get back to play, if that's realistic or not, and also then if it's good what's next if that is not going to be the case.

While it's not right for you right now could we potentially see you back in the Ibrox dugout sometime in the future?

Certainly ambition, I really enjoyed that side of it and I really enjoyed working with the manager as well. I think he is going to be really successful here and I hope that is going to be the case. I think the level of detail he goes into, his work rate, what he is going to demand from the players on a day-to-day basis and what he is going to create here in terms of the atmosphere at the training ground and around the club - there are some good early signs there but he is going to keep demanding and wanting more. It's certainly something that further down the line hopefully I get the opportunity to do again.