Ally McCoist instantly shut down a bizarre claim from Graeme Souness suggesting that Rangers and Celtic could share a stadium if they were ever to move to the Premier League.

The age-old debate about whether Glasgow's big two should head south cropped up on talkSPORT this morning and Souness and McCoist were quick to give their take.

Souness said: “If they were to come out of that league and start operating down here, you could build a stadium in Glasgow that they could share, not that they would want to, for 100,000 people and there would still be people queueing outside waiting to get in against the bigger teams.”

Host, Jeff Stelling and McCoist then hit back insisting there would be no chance of a stadium share and it was also suggested there was no chance the pair could just be added straight into England's top flight.

McCoist said: “Come on Graeme. I mean do us a favour, Graeme.

“Who would vote for it? I mean, you’re certainly not going to get Burnley or Sheffield United or indeed Leeds, at this moment in time, they’re not going to vote for it.

“So that’s the biggest problem.

"How they would get on is interesting as well. It would take them three or four years because, I am going to be brutally honest, Jeff, they are two bang average Rangers and Celtic teams, at this moment in time.

"I've seen some good ones, I've seen some indifferent ones, both teams, right now, I think I am being fair, are average at this moment in time. We played in some good Rangers and Celtic teams who could compete with the English. We knocked Leeds out and Celtic had some great runs and beat Blackburn and Liverpool.

"It's due to finance, finance is 99 per cent of it here, that's a million miles away. If they did get in the leagues it would take them a while. But with the support they've got, if they could survive and take their time getting up there, they would be fine. But I don't see it happening because there are too many obstacles."