Rangers boss Philippe Clement has explained why he wants more investment into SPFL pitches.

In the top-flight two of the 12 sides have plastic surfaces, Kilmarnock and Livingston, with the Ayrshire side returning to grass for the start of the 2025-26 campaign.

Clement also feels the grass pitches can be better, pointing to St Mirren's recent criticism of their own surface in Paisley.

He said: "There's still some work to do. You see in all of the top leagues that there are really high standards now because football is a product and we are in the entertainment sector.

"The better the product is the more it's worth. You see where the best pitches are in the best competitions, the Premier League is a big example.

"The standards from the federation is really high towards the pitches. It's also the better football you give, the more money you get from television because people will want to watch it more than when the ball bounces three times every pass you make because you don't have a good product.

"It's an important thing to raise the standards in that way. I think there are a few pitches in Scotland that don't have the quality that teams want.

"For example, at St Mirren, I heard this from the people themselves, they were not happy with the pitch because they wanted to play better football but it wasn't possible.

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"It's something to invest in. It will make the product of football better and Scottish football better also."

The Belgian also made clear he did not want to criticise other sides as was asked if he was surprised at the lack of investment in pitches across the Scottish Premiership.

"I do not want to go into that discussion because that is not my role," he continued.ย "My role is to oversee what happens here.

"If you ask me a question, I can give my opinion about things, but it is not my role to say what other teams need to do.

"I think there are other people in the country to do that."