Lower league journeyman turned pundit Gordon Parks has claimed seeing James Tavernier order a burger at Five Guys has convinced him he lacks the 'gravitas' to be Rangers' captain.

The Ibrox Hall of Famer, who has won every elite trophy in Scottish football, was top scorer in the Europa League and is the joint-highest-scoring defender in Rangers' history.

But Parks, speaking on PLZ Soccer YouTube channel, has long been unconvinced and this position was solidified after seeing Tavernier ordering food in central Glasgow last weekend.

He said: "It's funny. I was in Glasgow city centre a couple of days ago, literally an hour after the full time whistle in Perth. A big jeep pulls up outside Five Guys. 

"Tavernier gets out in his Rangers tracksuit and jacket and goes into Five Guys for a burger.

"I take on board that he's a technically very good player but he lacks aura and personality."

He continued: "He's nondescript to head into Five Guys.

"If that's a John Greig, a Richard Gough or a Barry Ferguson at that time they carry it... they exude...

"You're not going into Five Guys for a burger.

"Scoring is phenomenal but the gravitas... you carry the club as a captain and I think he lacks that."

Rangers fans have moved to defend their player, with many expressing dismay over Park’s reasoning. 

One user moved to comment, "How dare our captain treat himself to a five guys hahahahahhah" while another wrote, "Is this real? Like, *actually* real? Or is it a sketch for Comic Relief or maybe Only an Excuse? Absolutely mind-numbing levels of punditry going into this 'show'."