Kris Boyd admitted the penalty decision against Celtic in their 2-0 loss to Hearts was "awful".

But the Rangers hero couldn't resist a cheeky VAR taunt at his former rivals after defeat at Tynecastle.

Boyd had been understanding of fury from Celtic players, staff and supporters over some of the decisions against Hearts with Yang sent off for a high boot and a penalty given against Tomoki Iwata.

On Sky Sports, Boyd had said: "This is the only awful decision for me. How this is given as a penalty?

"Alistair Johnston barges into the back of Iwata. The rules are the rules, he makes himself bigger, I get it but what is he meant to do?

Rangers Review:

"The penalty is given but some of the decisions given in that first half are baffling."

Following the outrage over the decision-making, Boyd shared a taunt on Instagram as he posted an image of VAR officials with the caption: "Now it's your fault".

Brendan Rodgers was left fizzing as he claimed the match was decided by officials and took aim at both referees and VAR as he cited incompetence.

“My feeling is that the game was decided by the officials. On the field and outside of the field. I don’t really comment on officials, they make mistakes and whatever else. But today that felt like really, really poor officiating. 

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“The first one is the sending off when there is no force. Show a still image of that and of course and you will see a foot up with the head near it. But it’s not the reality of the move. 

“Don got it actually right on the field. It was a high boot, so it’s a yellow card – no malice or force. For John Beaton to actually look at that in VAR, supposedly under no pressure, and say that was sending off? I find that incredible. 

 “The second one is worse. If you have a penalty go against you for that then there will be penalties every single weekend and midweek. I don’t know what he is supposed to do."