IF the past 48 hours have taught us one thing, it’s that Rangers’ ‘Everyone Anyone’ campaign is very much in full swing.

Launched in February 2020, the initiative focused on representing the club’s core values and on sending a clear message of inclusion, togetherness and zero-tolerance to all forms of discrimination – on and off the pitch.

If anyone had any doubts about its effectiveness, they would’ve been quelled on Monday afternoon.

It follows a video on a supporters' bus making its way to Dingwall on Sunday where a number of so-called fans were seen chanting a racist song about Celtic’s Japanese player Kyogo Furuhashi.

As expected, once it surfaced online, it received widespread condemnation from the Rangers support who were shamed by the mindless few.

Quite what triggers someone to carry out such an act of supreme idiocy is beyond comprehension, but that’s a different story.

Action had to be taken and Rangers acted both swiftly and robustly.

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A statement issued by the club yesterday read: "Rangers can confirm that an investigation is now complete in regard to a video circulating on social media yesterday," a Rangers statement said on Monday.

"The individuals involved have been identified and will be banned indefinitely from all Rangers games.

"Furthermore, the RSC of which they were members and travelled with to the game, have been banned from receiving tickets for future fixtures."

It was a move welcomed from all quarters; supporters, fans groups, journalists and anti-racism campaigners.

Jordan Allison from Show Racism the Red Card commented: “It is a very strong message from Rangers.

“They have been very quick and decisive. Our charity Show Racism the Red Card think the club have done very well in investigating and concluding with indefinite bans for the individuals responsible.

“I think it sends a strong message to anyone else thinking that they can use football as a way to express racist language, racist bias, racist rhetoric.

“I think that also taking away the right to tickets from the supporters’ group sends an equally strong message so we do commend the club for this stance. It really sends a message that racists aren’t welcome at the club or in Scottish football.”

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The banning of the entire RSC has created some debate around the severity of the punishment for those not involved in the racist behaviour.

Why should someone minding their own business on said bus be subjected to the same punishment as the morons being filmed?

It’s a difficult one for Rangers as there are solid arguments on both sides. Collective punishment for the criminality of a small few is something that needs careful consideration and a detailed look at the nuance and context of any incident.

It's inescapable though, that banning the RSC entirely gives the strongest possible message that association to this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated.

It's a powerful statement that can't be misinterpreted.

Rangers deserve great credit for the way they have handled this sorry affair.

You would like to think this was an isolated incident and one we won’t have the misfortune of witnessing again but, sadly, history tells us we’re never far away from more racist abuse being directed at footballers.

Several Rangers players were targeted last season and no doubt will be again this campaign. 

Players are still taking the knee but the abuse doesn’t show any sign of dissipating.

More therefore needs to be done to combat the scourge of racism and discrimination in the game.

Amid a difficult few days, the club deserves immense credit for taking a stance that everyone in Scottish football was able to stand behind proudly. 

They are playing their part and living up to a simple mantra. 

Everyone. Anyone.