Giovanni Van Bronckhorst is here and he has been worth the wait! It hasn’t been a long wait but we aren’t the most patient of supports...

To get our number one choice a week to the day of the search beginning is superb work by Ross Wilson and the board. 

It’s the one we all wanted and like any van arrival, we had to be patient but former treble-winning GVB arrived home just in time. He will bring that enthusiastic Dutch style where the team will play an expansive 4-3-3, which means very little change to what the squad are used to. Of course, we will see new philosophies and new styles, some players will leave and some will come in- but all of that is as natural as it is exciting.

The key thing is the new man has that canvas to play around with and the options are there. This is a hugely exciting job and the names linked prove that. Giovanni himself, Lampard, Koeman, de Boer to name but a few - not the disastrous situation many hoped for it seems on the departure of Steven Gerrard.

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And on that, there has been a lot said this last week regarding the former boss but my thoughts still haven’t changed, even after watching his press conference with Villa where he looked emotional. I remain thankful for the job he did. he gave us back our European pride and ultimately he had the job of returning the title which he did emphatically. He’s left us at a difficult time but in a relatively healthy position.

I’m not interested in the negativity and to be honest some of the posts and hatred I’ve seen make me cringe, but while I get the frustration of it, I just don’t subscribe to it. I still remember the shambles he inherited and you have to hope in time he will be remembered for the job he did. Ultimately he brought us back from a team that was regularly humiliated.

Don’t forget, along with Europe and an invincible season, he slapped a rival team about for the best part of two years and reminded everyone in our club just what being dominant in the fixture meant to us the supporters.

Yes, I firmly believe he restored this club but naturally sometimes you hit a ceiling and his want to get back home is understandable. And with all that said, that is it Ladies and Gentleman - the last you will see anything written here about our former gaffer.

It’s all about us and every single one of us will back Gio. He has an attractive proposition to come into. The cup semi will be viewed from the stand, so that gives him the opportunity of a proper first look at his new team.

There have been glimpses of better form more befitting of Champions status and with the return of Kent and raw unpredictable talent of Sakala, suddenly we look like we may be clicking. I’d imagine the temporary management team will stick to the normal formation and selection we saw in recent weeks, meaning it will be same old, same old for the big semi-final.

It’s up to the players to go out and perform for the new manager and remember that no matter what, they need to perform for the badge.

There has been a lot said about the timing being bad and I completely get that but with that is a real opportunity also, for the new manager to really see what this group of players are capable of.

If Gio had arrived with a more favourable fixture list he may not have learned as much as he is about to now. Obviously, the flip side is he would have had more time to access the situation with less pressure.

So there are pros and cons to absolutely everything. I’d imagine he would look forward to the winter break already to try and implement his ideas in a mini-preseason type scenario.

There would be the one question I’d like to ask Giovanni and it would be how he sees his immediate priorities because normally when you get a job this big, at this time in the season, there are issues but largely he is going into a situation which is solid with morale high.

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I’d imagine he’d want it as seamless as possible and to try to gather early momentum. He already has the support. Hampden will be a sea of Orange come Sunday as the players take the field. We already have a new song to learn and perfect as well as hopping left and right in time. I’m glad I’m in the gantry whilst that gets bedded into the songbook!

So it will be steady as she goes for Gio and his staff as we enter a key period. That boost may be perfectly timed and, as we reach the end of November, now would be the perfect time for the squad to hit that stride. They should get that lift, any safeness and routine has now gone and it’s time to really get going.

One man I can’t help but think will be looking on with that desire is Alfredo. It will be fresh in the manager's mind just what kind of Morelos Feyenoord faced in 2019 and I can imagine they will want a return to that devastating form from the Buffalo. That sharp 10 with a false nine behind them could really suit Alfredo and return him to the striker we all know and love.

There is a lot to ponder and look forward to as Van Bronckhorst arrives. He knows what's required, he knows what is expected and he knows his surroundings. Now it’s time to get going, or should that be Gio-ng?

The Gerrard era is over. Now it’s time for a new one to develop but some things never change and this is Rangers, we have to keep going and we have to keep winning. 

Gio will remember exactly what is expected.