IT'S BEEN a quiet week after an explosive start to the transfer window. Eyes are now beginning to look towards football returning on Tuesday with our trip to Pittodrie and it'll be exciting to see how the team shape up under the manager with his influence on the training pitch there for all to see after a substantial period with the players.

That last week before Christmas brought a freshness as the team finished strongly at home to St Mirren and it came as no surprise that was after an uninterrupted week on the training ground. Now with 10 days and the opportunity to really drill the players, I am looking forward to getting back into it.

Of course, it’s going to be a hard game. Aberdeen will be bang up for their cup final as the Rangers come to town. We should expect the smaller clubs to up their game, we just have to make sure we are on ours.

Gio’s start has been incredible really. Seven wins on the bounce in the league with European progress banked represents a dream start but it has been the turnaround in player performance that has really impressed and excited me. For example, the performance level of Borna Barisic and Allan McGregor has almost doubled in terms of statistical output in just a few months under the new management team.

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But there is just one man I can’t help but get excited about and pictures of his slimline physique make me dream of a return to his unplayable best. In fact, we saw signs of it just before we stopped. That run and assist against St Johnstone for example. The positional sense for the St Johnstone goal, he didn’t need to move, just be there in the right place.

Who do I mean? Well Alfredo Morelos of course.

But there was something else that impressed me about Alfie and it came in the last match before the break. St Mirren had a corner and Rangers cleared to Alfredo who showed a tremendous burst of speed to skin his man and feed Scott Wright. He was subsequently fouled but it was all about Alfredo.

Then the last few days we see him putting in some personal work and training with social media coverage. He looks absolutely fantastic.

I spoke about Ryan Kent being the main man of this team after Brian Laudrup had tipped that to be Joe Aribo. I prompted readers to imagine Alfredo returning to 2019 form and staking his claim - well it looks like that is happening right in front of our eyes.

And it is exciting. Because in that form he can’t be stopped. We have yet to see a winning Rangers with a real rampaging Alfredo Morelos. Last year he was more an all-round performer. In previous years he hasn’t really had others on his level or even close whilst he has been in form. But chuck a snarling, rampaging Alfredo into this team where the players are closer to his level and that is exciting.

Because Kent on form, Aribo on form, Ianis Hagi and his capabilities - the team is looking good under Gio. Then throw in the rampaging Buffalo - yes that is exciting and it’s something I think this league will struggle to stop.

So that certainly gets my head racing as we head towards Tuesday and of course, as Champions we have a lead to protect. The dynamic of reporting has been interesting and I hope the players have watched some of the content coming out which has tipped others to be league favourites.

No one has really mentioned the really big factor in the room, if Rangers start strong and kick on again under Gio we could build up a lead that no one can stop - and within only a few games. That should be the ultimate goal to chase for Rangers. We can stop any ‘challenge’ before it really starts and everyone chasing should be aware of that. They should also be aware that one more slip may just make it an impossible task already. Rangers don’t have that pressure.

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This team seem on the cusp of returning to that devastating form that saw an invincible league season last year and with Buffalo ready to go we might just be unstoppable.

And that’s before we even look at the transfer window. There is still work to be done there. Squad players might go and we have big assets attracting interest. In terms of potential sales, we hold all the aces but that’s always a danger if another big bid comes. I’d rather we got to the summer with a title secured before we lost any stars (if we must) - but I’m relaxed about it all.

Coming in, James Sands is here and it’s his turn to really kick on and produce for the club. He will need time so it’s one to watch. But I can’t help but feel the window closing might bring one or two opportunities in terms of a star who may suddenly become available. A player who needs game time before the World Cup for example and a late twist might just be the way for Rangers this window.

But that’s conjecture and I suppose the fantasy every fan looks forward to without having much influence or facts to hang on to.

The very real truths are that Rangers have turned up their performances and they lead this league chase with a confidence that means in the next month everyone in this league may be left in our wake.

The rest should be on notice of that. It doesn’t matter what any narrative may be or what anyone else does or says, or who anyone else tips or fancies for this title.

A look at the fixtures leaves it clear for everyone at our club - start strong and everyone else can be left in the dust.

That’s the drive, that’s the motivation, that’s the plan.

Rangers are ready and so too may be a snarling Buffalo. Good luck stopping that!