WHO are we after? It's the million-dollar question.

It’s all anyone really asks and it’s all anyone is really interested in. Everyone is desperate for news on signings, contracts and all things Rangers.

Every tiny bit of news is dissected on social media. The truth is a lot more simple, the answer easier to digest if you will just look at the evidence. Connor Goldson's contract renewal is a prime example, the only people that know what is going on are those in prime positions at Ibrox and they won’t share that news anywhere.

Ibrox is a vault of information and when something happens you will only find out about it when the club are ready to share it. Take the aforementioned Goldson scenario, everyone had him selling his house and moving on, and suddenly his renewal is signed without even a whiff of rumour beforehand. Not to mention Allan McGregor, just days ago he was set to sign a player-coach contract to continue his career, only for our own Joshua Barrie to clear that up with the news that talks with Rangers hadn’t even started.

Sure, people will get the odd rumour from an agent or spot of leaked information, but largely it’s a situation we don’t find out about.

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There is no point worrying about signings or contract renewals. You either trust who is in charge and let them do their job or end up doing yourself a stressful disservice.

If the Goldson saga taught us anything it's that a club that does its business quietly often does it well.

Signings will come, contracts will be signed and players will leave. It’s the summer and it’s what happens at football clubs everywhere around the world. Everyone knows what we need, none more so than the manager and director of football.

Rangers should have been ready for this window in January give or take a few variables. They will be. The good thing is we have more time on our side. Europe doesn’t start until the first week in August, the players have had a much longer close season with five weeks off and everyone ought to return fresh.

The thing is, this squad is a strong one and European performance has shown what it's are capable of. Sure, it needs to be strengthened and we need to tackle the contract situation, but that’s nothing new. Whether it’s a central midfielder, a striker or a right winger, ideally it would be all three, players will come in.

The point in this? There’s no point in worrying or overthinking it. If Goldson has taught us anything, it’s that exactly.

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This squad is well placed to build on last season. The Scottish Cup should be a platform to kick on from. But, Europe is also a legitimate target to continue to progress in, with a manager who seems to thrive on the continent.

With a returning Ianis Hagi and emerging talent in Alex Lowry, maybe Rangers are already stronger without us even considering it?

I’m enjoying the break and enjoying the rest because we have to be ready to do it all over again soon.

That’s life at Rangers, it’s always on the go and we are always striving for me. Don’t overthink the gossip. Enjoy the break and ignore the noise, we will be just fine.

Auch, who am I kidding?