Nobody doubts for a minute that Allan McGregor is a Rangers legend.  

But if Twitter this afternoon is anything to go by there are plenty of questions from fans over the likely decision to renew his Rangers contract. 

Our reporter Joshua Barrie revealed earlier that talks were progressing with both parties happy with how discussions had gone.  

It means the veteran keeper is likely to put pen to paper on a new one-year deal at some point in the hours ahead. Indeed, he may have indeed signed by the time these words reach you. 

It is a contract that will provoke strong reactions, for and against. 

Some will say he’s earned the right to go out when he feels ready. Others will point out that many athletes only know they are finished at the elite level when it’s too late and disaster is already staring them in the face. 

There’s no sugar coating the 40-year-old's form last season. It was a significant drop from the outstanding levels on the run to 55 and his errors were decisive in several key games. 

On top of that, opponents, particularly in Scotland, became much savvier about exploiting his long-standing reluctance to claim balls in the box. 

It was difficult to see him struggle but it’s important to note that when it really mattered, he didn’t let anyone down in the most important game of his Ibrox career – the Europa League final. 


The incredible send-off given when he was substituted on in the dying embers of the Scottish Cup Final looked like a perfect way to call time on a wonderful second spell. 

But having gone away and considered his future, it seems the veteran wants to stick around and prolong his stay yet further. 

While it’s easy to say McGregor’s time is obviously up and there’s evidence there in his performances that regression is finally creeping into his play, we don’t know yet how he will be used and that will be the key to fan perception. 

It may be that McGregor’s key role will be around the training centre as a respected voice in the dressing room who can help the manager instil Rangers standards in every session. Few would or could argue with that scenario. 

Many see Jon McLaughlin as an obvious next step for the Ibrox club as a steady Eddie who’s comfortable with the ball at his feet and capable of collecting a cross every now and then. 

He will never be a shot-stopper, nor indeed a personality like McGregor, but it’s hard to dispel the nagging notion it’s his time to step up and be counted as the club’s number one keeper. 

And the renewal of McGregor’s deal for a further year need not disrupt that narrative unfolding. 

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