Well, we all wanted the transfer window to kick into life and for Rangers to start doing things...

The rumour mill seems to have pushed up a notch or two this week at least and the club have also renewed Allan McGregor’s contract in a move that wasn’t a huge surprise even if reservations are vast amongst many in the support. Now, I’m very much on record as a big fan of what Jon McLaughlin brings to the team and he should be heading into the new season with a fair shot at being first choice. 

There's no sugar-coating that McGregor's post-Christmas form domestically was extremely poor. He was at fault for various goals conceded with Ross County and Motherwell draws immediately springing to mind as well as fairly straightforward shots (by his standards) against Celtic home and away. Added to that is the sense that every cross brings anxiety, a situation that wasn’t there in previous years and certainly isn’t present when McLaughlin keeps goal. 

That’s not to slate a man who has been excellent across two spells for the club. He’s a top professional, looks after himself and trains really hard. It’s already been highlighted how much of a leader he is within the dressing room and even with his age, which is only a number, I wouldn’t bet against him returning to form after a summer break. It was only one season back he was in Player of the Year form - his challenge is to recover that. 

Concerns are fair but some of the criticism and comments are not. Social media can be harsh and unforgiving but those close to McGregor will only tell you that those doubters will only fuel his fire to regain his top-level best. 

Either way, McGregor is here to stay for one more season and I hope he does find his best once more. The knock-on effect is potentially Robby McCrorie may decide to move on. At 24, he may feel first-team football is essential and that’s a real shame for us but a consequence of the above. I’d have hoped for an extension and maybe a loan guaranteeing game time because in a year his time may surely be upon us but I understand he can’t wait forever. That is on the manager who was instrumental in persuading McGregor to stay and adamant he was a key part of the dressing room culture he is trying to create. 

Goalies aside, news Jake Hastie may be moving on is a welcomed sign business is about to pick up. The Rangers squad is bloated with players not contributing and could be cut by at least five players without anyone really noticing. Hastie is in the same bracket as Glen Middleton, Jack Simpson, the aforementioned McCrorie, Stephen Kelly and Niko Katic who the club need to make decisions on. Trimming a high wage bill could be no bad thing. I’d hope this kind of business becomes a norm in that regard during the weeks ahead. 

Then there have been a few names mentioned to come in and primarily rumours have centred around a forward. The desire seems to be more firepower which is music to my ears considering I have long advocated this side needs more threat. Antonio Colak of PAOK has been mentioned and did a number on us with Malmo. He would represent an interesting option if any bids were realised. He can finish and is a presence in the area which we need. Put the ball into the box and I’d be confident he’d get a few, no problem. He’s certainly the type of player I think we require so even if it turns out to be just talk. 

The real gossip and news though? It’s obviously Alfredo and the apparent interest from Seville and an €8m bid. The instant thought is that would be too low, however, not by much given his contact situation. It's been reported there hasn't yet been any contact or bids so it may be moot. 

Here’s the controversial view, if the money’s right then with a year left on his contract, it might just be time Alfredo goes. I don’t think you'd get the same concentration or levels that you got from Connor Goldson for example. No criticism of Alfredo, those of my vintage remember Brian Laudrup's final, bitterly disappointing year. Given he hasn’t responded well to rejected bids from China and Lille in the past, this may be a problem if we simply let his contract run down. 

Naturally, persuading him to sign a deal would be everyone’s preference, including my own and it's important to state that clearly - but with 12 months left Alfredo’s situation may be clearer than we think. 

Now, this is why I was so critical of the club letting several top players' contracts run down. I get there have been several factors. Covid has slowed transfers and more players seem to be running down contracts but not many clubs rely on maximising transfer income as we do. The key difference in European leagues is that most have a decent TV income. 

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In a league where we don’t - that maximisation of transfer revenue is key - and that’s where the frustration comes in. The truth is Alfredo Morelos, Joe Aribo and Ryan Kent should never be in this situation. Sadly, they are and we have to react. We can’t afford for any to walk away for nothing and this brings me back to Alfredo and now. 

For around £8-10m with add-ons then I would be prepared to sell although I accept what Rangers do and think may well be different. There will be people saying Lille's £16.5m offer was worth more, but two years of European income which Alfredo played a huge part in has more than made up for that shortfall. 

He would leave a hero and as much a favourite as any, especially for younger fans and the truth is we have to be fair to Alfredo also.

Here’s where the controversy comes in. Maybe, just maybe, after 5 years, it’s time for everyone to move on. Sometimes a team become too reliant or too set in their ways. If he goes and it’s right for us then it may be good for everyone.

A £1m signing who has given so much, brought in so much European income and a league title, then a sale of £8-10m onwards still represents a tremendous piece of business.

Now, I hope we get more and those that say we shouldn’t accept any less than £15m are right in an ideal world but football is changing and maybe we have to adjust expectations slightly. 

If it's time then Rangers will move on, just as we have previously when big names in our history have left. It will be sore, it will sting, but that’s football and we will bring in another. Someone else will be the talisman and have their name chanted by the support. 

Maybe now is the right time and the right moment for everyone. What is clear is Rangers may have to deal given the contract situation. And Morelos is not alone in that regard with the build-up of stories around the future of Joe Aribo last night. It’s an interesting few weeks ahead that’s for sure. 

You all wanted a transfer window with rumours after all.