It’s been another positive week for Rangers, with plenty more signs that Philippe Clement may just be turning this squad full circle from the mess he inherited.

Believe me, I don’t say that lightly because I’d all but given up on this group but suddenly, plenty of them are working their way back into favour. More importantly, I think the crowd are starting to feel that way too.

Take the last 20 minutes on Thursday, when Rangers held on to win 2-1 against Sparta Prague. There was no nervous energy in the stadium and few dissenting voices or groans. Instead, Ibrox encouraged the team and stuck by them, helping carry Clement’s side to a vital three points in Europe. Progression now looks likely and top spot remains in reach. As the full-time whistle blew against Aris a few weeks ago, that reality seemed like a million miles away.

The synergy between the group of players and fans has started to flicker again in recent matches and on Thursday it burned brightly. Clement explained during his post-match press conference that it was this dynamic which pleased him most on the night, saying it played a big part in securing the victory.

The win over Sparta was a big one for Clement, but not his first since arriving last month. Progress has been impressive and, certainly, quicker than I could have imagined. Away against Dundee recently Rangers played brilliantly but the challenge was always going to be following it up, which this group did the following Sunday at Hampden.

Here’s what’s pleased me most. Rangers are imposing their style on the opposition again, which is something they've failed to do for a long time. The press against Sparta and the team’s shape was very visible; starting in a 4-2-3-1 formation which became a 4-1-4-1 off-the-ball and featured recognisable combination play between the front players.

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What’s important for someone like me who’s not particularly tactically driven is that Clement’s style is passing the eye test. It’s clear to see what Rangers are actually trying to do.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt able to relate and identify with this team but Thursday was another big step in the right direction.

Before the break, we were terrific. Danilo continues to be a livewire up front, setting pressing traps and springing on unfortunate defenders. The team’s overall shape leading to the second goal was fluid and fast, as the Brazilian again enjoyed a key role by assisting Todd Cantwell while Sam Lammers’ decoy run created space.

It was clear that everyone knew their jobs down to the letter.

And then came the tricky bit because make no mistake, Sparta are a good team. After regrouping at half-time and making a few substitutions the visitors started to enjoy a little more control. It wasn’t a vintage second-half showing from Rangers, far from it. The home side required experience to see out a nervy injury time but crucially, they managed to get the job done.

That takes us back to the key point made earlier in this piece - as supporters, we want to be on the side of this team again. We want to stand up for them and back them. Instead of saying ‘That second half was garbage and will cost us next time’ the narrative instead changes to ‘What a great result, we did so well to hang in there’. Perception is everything in football and this team are starting to earn their backing.

This squad looks to be healing from recent experiences under the new manager and fans are connecting to that. We’re buying into the synergy that Clement references and so are this group of players.

It’s still early days and one ninety minutes could change everyone’s feelings, but it looks like Clement may just be the man to make everything better once again. His dry sense of humour and charisma instantly commands respect. He’s a man with presence and you can’t help but buy into what he’s saying because each message are clear and uncut.

And, if we as fans are buying into what Clement is saying, it’s understandable that the players are too.

We are in a League Cup final, ideally placed to play European football after Christmas and while the league remains a tough ask it's not out of reach. All of a sudden, a season we’d all written off may just be showing signs of life.

Make no mistake, it’s still early days and the squad still has everything to prove over a longer period of time. However, this squad, crowd and club might just be starting to link together and drive in the same direction once again.

To steal a line from a song we all know, ‘I’m feeling it, in the air’. Philippe Clement has enabled us to start believing again. Livingston is another test, it's imperative Rangers pass that before a mammoth pre-Christmas run which will have a huge bearing on the rest of the season.

But upcoming games are no longer approached with a sense of dread. It’s exciting to watch Rangers again and the connection which is so key at our club seems to be returning.

The hard part is to keep the feel-good factor going. Only results will achieve that.