Todd Cantwell is somewhat of an enigma amongst the Rangers support. Opinions can differ, with some defensive and others equally offensive with what he offers the team. There are those that aren’t convinced, labelling him as someone who goes missing in the biggest of games.

A very poor performance in the Old Firm defeat at New Year brought heavy social media criticism and the usual media insults - saying he is more concerned about his socials than he is about being successful - getting thrown his way . Labelled and used to attack him, the nickname ‘TikTok Todd’ has never really gone away. That is despite the fact that he’s only ever made five TikToks since he arrived, three of which are compilations of him on the pitch.

The truth is Todd Cantwell is a very focused and driven young man. Of course he isn’t infallible but when you meet him he is warm and welcoming. On the very first day I met him to interview him I asked him if he was prepared to work because there are no hiding places here at Ibrox. He was strong in the reply of not knowing where this criticism of his ‘attitude or work ethic’ had come from. He was here to work and here to win.

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Michael Beale brought him here and a strong end to the season gave Rangers fans the feeling that any summer rebuild was to be centred around the man they felt could take Rangers to where they needed to be. But to everyone’s surprise, Beale spent money on a No.10 and Cantwell was shifted about, costing him his form and Rangers one of their most creative players. 

As Philippe Clement prepared to come in, Cantwell would succumb to serious injury, keeping him out for a month or so. It took him time to recover but he was fit again and playing under Clement in his very first game. He would feature in every game under Clement until he would fall to injury again. 

He missed five games in that spell before returning against Benfica just before the break. But it was the spell of form after January that gave us hope that he really was hitting the form most of us believe he can achieve. 

He scored the clincher before the break against Kilmarnock and kept his scoring run up, netting against Hibs, Livi and a winner against Aberdeen. That run of strikes was coupled with good form and a run of results for the team that helped propel them to the top of the league. 

Cantwell has played 34 games for Rangers this season, scoring six and assisting four, 10 goal involvements which is slightly under a one in three return. Rangers and Cantwell will want a higher involvement but it was that form pre-injury that Rangers will hope can happen once again. If Rangers do want to win this league this season someone will have to step up and carry the team with a run of form and goals. It’s there for every member of the squad and who would bet against it being Todd himself? 

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It seems to me on observation that Cantwell wants to be the main man, he said himself he wants to be a No.10, which is the heartbeat of everything. With the help of Tom Lawrence there is slightly less pressure on him and both can share the burden. That burden brings opportunity.

The opportunity for Todd Cantwell is there to become a legend and deliver more silverware. At the same time, he can silence every critic who ever labelled him a social media wannabe and prove every supporter of him right.

Cantwell has the ability, he has the desire and he certainly has the quality. Can he deliver and does he have the mindset to do it? We’ll find out very soon but I certainly believe in him. 

Todd Cantwell is red, white 'n blue.