I’m a little bit confused but I really shouldn’t be. Dundee are due to host a game and the pitch fails an inspection - not once but twice. Yet somehow, the mental gymnastics of some people is to blame our club for this.

Dundee have had five postponements this season for whatever reason, dodgy pitch, dodgy drainage, whatever. I couldn’t really care why. But it’s their responsibility to host the game. A couple of hundred yards along the road, their neighbours United have a pristine pitch which is absolutely fine and Amateur games are on in the city. 

Somehow though, and this is the confusing bit, Rangers are at fault in the eyes of some. People are literally going out their way to try and blame our club when, to the best of my knowledge, I don’t see how it’s possible. In fact, the Rangers response has been to try and facilitate the game at every chance possible, even offering to play Thursday after the second postponement.

Scottish football will be blaming Rangers for The Masters delay at this rate. Here’s an idea, how about the host club just provides a pitch that is suitable to stage a top flight football match? Rangers want to earn the points, we don’t want anything gifted via e-mail, so let’s get the game on. But let’s cut the rubbish rhetoric that somehow Rangers are the ones at fault here.

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This is on the back of days of nonsense post the Old Firm when, naturally, the outspoken voices of Scottish football have reared their trialist heads again. Rangers were awarded a penalty and again the uproar has been incredible. Let’s look past the fact that, once again, VAR has had to correct a referee error during the game to correctly award a penalty.

All the conspiracies are back out loud. Had VAR not got involved last weekend, Rangers would have won the game. Celtic wouldn’t have got a penalty and neither would Rangers, but Rangers' goal would have stood from Cyriel Dessers. That’s impressive for a VAR system that is apparently designed to help our club. In fact, if it wasn’t for VAR in the first game at Ibrox we arguably could have won then as well.

It’s all a little bit boring and tedious, as is the moon howling complaints from Messrs Stewart and Sutton whenever Rangers get a decision. Scottish football deserves a better standard of punditry than shock jock nonsense. 

On the park Rangers have to be better and a catalogue of catastrophic moments meant a draw was probably a decent result in the context of the 90 minutes. A disastrous start and shambolic moment after 20 seconds from James Tavernier is why people will argue that stats don’t matter a jot when you continually have those mistakes in you.

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At least Tavernier bounced back with a strong second and penalty conversion. That’s the positive, the recovery in the second, but the first was as bad as I have ever seen it, both collectively and individually. Goldson, Wright, Tavernier, Lawrence, Diomande, in fact actually all of them, stunk the place out with a desperate 45 minutes. But for the first time in nearly 15 years three Old Firm goals in one half saw a performance produced at long last and a result earned. I’m content with a draw, but the mistakes from the same old actors are impossible to defend, and especially in a game of this magnitude.

The the fiasco of Dens Park means, most likely, that we will go to Ross County and then Dundee (or maybe Mars) playing catch up. That will take balls, more balls than they showed first half at Ibrox, but the same levels of courage that was displayed in the second. Weather and the fixture list has dealt Rangers a tricky hand but in the next week they can claim a Scottish Cup final place and regain top spot in the league once more. 

That has to be the focus, that has to be the determination and that has to concentrate every mind. We won’t get away with that again. Time to buckle up and pack the snorkels for the next week ahead, because it’s only going to get bigger and harder from here on in and we’ve used up almost every life we have. Everything from Everyone.