Todd Cantwell has started 2024 with a bang - but is the reason behind an uplift as simple as suggesting he's back in his usual position?

After a period on the right Cantwell is playing as Philippe Clement's No.10 which, according to the player himself, differs from the role he was fulfilling before.

"Listen, I am playing in a position I like and I think I am showing it is my best position. I am thankful to the manager for giving me that game time," he said recently.

“Listen, the thing that’s clear is I am playing as a different No 10 than I was before. It is a different style, a different way of playing the way we are playing just. You can see that I am not being asked to play the way I was last season.

“I see a lot of comments. Todd’s not getting involved. Todd’s not doing this. But I am being asked to play differently and it is working. The numbers are coming through, I am enjoying myself so let’s just enjoy it.”

Joshua and Derek kick off our new podcast series with a closer look at Cantwell's performances in this 'new' No.10 role. You can watch their conversation in the player below.