Here's a full transcript of what Calvin Bassey said to the media ahead of the Europa League Final.

When did you start thinking you could win this?

We’ve not been thinking too far ahead, we’ve just been taking each game as it comes. We’ve had points where it has looked difficult, being a goal behind against Braga and Leipzig. But we kept pushing through, taking it game by game.

You seem to be getting stronger by the game?

We feel good as a team, the boys work hard every single day and training session, through pre-season and we are seeing the benefits of that even late in the season.

How much has van Bronckhorst changed?

You can see with is being at this stage of a major tournament is unbelievable. The style of play has obvious differences, we feel and look solid and are so happy to be here.

Do wins against Dortmund and Leipzig make an impact on the game?

It doesn’t change anything, we know they’re a good team, and they wouldn’t be in the final otherwise. We are preparing well.

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What have the European nights done for your development?

They’ve been amazing, being one of the young boys playing has been amazing and I’m just trying to take it all in. The boys keep me calm and level headed to make sure we take each game as it comes and focus on the bigger picture.

How have you found the man-for-man defending?

It shows real trust from the manager, he backs us one-v-one. Football is all about one-v-one battles, against Leipzig we had to go for it and press them high, the first 15 minutes were so important for us being one-v-one all over the pitch, winning the battles. That set the tempo and pace of the game.

Have you been hearing stories of how fans will get to Frankfurt?

I’ve been hearing some crazy stories, I’m still trying to sort out my own family, it has been carnage! I know there is going to be amazing support, there always is with us, whether they are in the stadium or not. I know however many that get in will be screaming for all the others that can’t be there, it won’t be any different, it’s just about getting the job done. We have to do it for them and for Jimmy Bell. I just wanted to honour him with our celebrations against Leipzig, he was a massive part of this club, to all of us individually and for me.