• His best position
  • Wearing Rangers shirt as a youngster
  • Talks with Clement before signing
  • Why he chose move to Ibrox

Mohamed Diomande has been speaking ahead of Wednesday night's trip to Rugby Park to face Kilmarnock.

Here is everything he had to say.

Are you settling in?

Yes, I'm settling in good and I'm getting help from my teammates and people around the club so it's been amazing so far.

How pleasing is it to have the success you've had on the pitch already?

I'm going to be humble and continue to do what I'm doing. What is important for me is to look out for the next game. It's good what we have done in the past but I only look forward and what I can do better.

Did you think you could bring goals to this team?

Yes, I scored a few goals in Denmark and I wanted to make a difference and score goals. I want to get in the right places at the right time to make a difference. It's part of my game.

Is defensive midfield your strongest position?

I'm a box-to-box midfielder but I can also play as a defensive midfielder and I can give a lot to my team when we're attacking.

What do you think this move could do for your international ambitions?

I think it was the right step for me because Rangers is a big club and everybody knows about Rangers. I hope they are watching me and I can only do what I can to convince them to get me in the national team. I think it's the right place to be to continue my football education and my career.

Did you quickly learn about the demands of a club like Rangers?

Before I came here I had a good talk with the gaffer so I kind of knew what he was expecting from me and what I can bring to the team too.

How are you settling into Scotland?

People are amazing here. It's going well already for me. My family is also going to try and move here to visit me. It's been nice since I've been here, people are being nice to me and helping me a lot.

What can be achieved this season?

I praise my teammates for the good work they've done already. I'm here for the last part of the season and I know they've done a good job being on top. I know the reason why they are there because since I arrived I saw they are working hard in training. For me and my teammates, we are focused on the little details which is what is next to do and the next game is tomorrow. That's the only thing we focus on and we'll see what happens.

Is the Scottish game what you thought it would be?

Yes, I saw a few games before I came here. I know it's much more physical and much more direct so I was already expecting this before I came.

Were there other clubs interested in you and why did you choose Rangers?

Because I thought it was the best place to come. The manager gave me a good feeling.

Can you tell us what the manager said to you?

He was just convincing me and he told me he knows how good I am and what I can bring to the team. I had calls from other clubs but that's something I wanted to hear from the manager. I needed something to boost myself and decided to come. I've known Rangers for a long time and I knew it was the best club and I thought, 'Why not?'

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Can you explain how you were pictured wearing a Rangers shirt as a kid?

I got the shirt from a guy who scouted me from Abidjan when I was 11, he's called Joe Mulberry from England. He scouted me from Abidjan and he got me a shirt from Rangers so I was wearing that for some personal training in Ghana when I was in the academy.

Did you look for Rangers' results after that?

Yeah, I've been following Rangers a lot and I've seen what they have achieved.

When Rangers came in for you did it make it extra special that you could wear the shirt properly?

Yes, exactly. I would also say it was one of the key moments that made the deal happen because I was in love with the club already from a young age.

What was it like to score at Ibrox?

It's amazing to score in front of your fans and for them to cheer for you. I hope there's many more coming. I'm just happy to score my first goal at Ibrox.