Rangers boss Philippe Clement has been speaking to Sky following the 3-3 draw with Celtic at Ibrox.

Here is everything he had to say.

How are your emotions after that?

In the first place, proud of what the guys have shown. Of course, this is a really, I don't have a good word because my assistant has a word that I cannot use on television about the start but it's the worst scenario you can have to go behind like that in the first minute of the game. Also to get a penalty against like that is something bad. Every manager in the world gets stress out of these rules with the handbells because the ball is deflected in the last split second so my defender jumps with his arm up because you need to do that to jump. He tries to put his arm away but it still hits his elbow so that's the worst scenario you can have to be 0-2 behind at half time. But the second half, all the boys showed their real personality. There have been so many steps made in the last couple of months but this is a clear signal for the outside world what this dressing room is about, how their changing their minds and how they have a winning never giving up mentality. I'm really proud about that.

What did you say at half time?

There are moments when I can say what I say at half time, it's better that I don't say it now. It's between me and the dressing room. I'm happy about the reaction, they showed personality and I think at the end we are clearly the moral winners of this fight, of this game with a lot of passion. Everything these supporters want, everything this club wants, everything this club is about, they showed in the second half and that's what they need to show in the next couple of weeks in every challenge we have.

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Does that sum up the mindset because in the past you might not have got back into the game?

I think there's a big evolution in that and they showed something special today. It's another experience that we have in the backpack because I always believed in that, that they have the quality to do it and they showed it in the second half. This doesn't give guarantees, of course, but if you keep on pushing like we did second half then you can change things around even against a really good team like Celtic.

How big was the VAR decision on Fabio Silva penalty?

I think everybody is really clear that it's a penalty, he's been kicked against his knee. It's a pity he gets a yellow card first but in that way it's important you have VAR as there are less faults made. That's nothing against the referees because they need to make decisions in split seconds and it's so difficult to see everything. We know from every training because I make a lot of mistakes every day around that. It's impossible to see everything, that's why VAR is important to have in football.

What were the emotions like when Dessers' goal was ruled out and what does it say about the players that they didn't let it bother them?

It's a big step forward that we don't go into these negative emotions but we keep on pushing until the end. But it's hard to score a goal but it's disallowed because 80 yards from the goal, there's a foul made. I saw it back afterward and it's not a big foul but you can give it as a foul so nothing to say about that but we continue now. That's a really big step forward from a few months ago. We never stop if the scenario goes not our way, we never stop believing in going full to get the scenario on our side. That's a thing you need in a team of real winners, that's what we've been talking about a lot in the last couple of months. I want to see real winners and real winners never give up. That's what the whole dressing room showed today so it's a very important victory.

What happened at the end?

I didn't see what really happened or how it started so I will look at the images because I don't want that. I want us to stay calm and after the game also and that there are no fussy things. That's why I tried to calm everybody as fast as possible and I'm happy we managed to do that.