• Ibrox 'loudest' in his career
  • Injury frustration
  • Title prediction
  • Dens Park pitch

Kieran Dowell has been speaking ahead of Wednesday's Premiership encounter against Dundee.

Here is everything he had to say.

How is the feeling amongst the players after Sunday?

Positive. To go in at half time, two goals down wasn't ideal but it's the first time in god knows how long that we've come back from two down to get a point out the game so lots of positives to take but also to learn as well.

What's to learn?

I guess it was a bit of a freak goal to start with but just to know that we're always in the game whether you're 2-0 down or whatever it is, just keep believing which we showed after half time and got a point in the end.

How good was it to be back involved again?

Class. Great game to come back into, it was really enjoyable. The atmosphere was unbelievable, probably the loudest I've heard the stadium in my career so it was a really good one to come back into.

How was your injury sustained and how was your recovery?

I done it in La Manga. It was a bit unfortunate really the way I went over. The recovery was really smooth, it went really well and it's good to be back now.

Is it a good time of the season to return?

100 percent, yeah. Hopefully, I can contribute a bit more towards the end of the season.

Are you going to have to beat Celtic at Celtic Park to win the league?

We want to win every game. That's probably what we'll have to do to win the league. That's the aim.

Are you confident you can beat them?


How frustrating a season has it been for you?

Personally, it has been frustrating. I've had to stay positive a lot of the time. The lads have done really well since my recent injury so that's been good to be supporting them and I'm in a good place towards the end of the season.

How have you kept yourself going mentally through that period and have you spoken to others at the club or outwith the club?

Just working in the gym and trying to become more powerful and stronger. There's been stuff to work on which can keep me stimulated while you've been injured as well.

You come back at a really exciting time of the season.

Yeah, hopefully, I can show the best of me this season. I feel good, I feel fit so hopefully, we have a good end to the season.

I'm sure winning the two remaining trophies would make up for your injury-hit season.

100 percent. When I look back on my career and what we've won this season, I don't think I'll be too worried about being injured or how many games I played, it's about winning that matters.

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How do you feel fitness-wise?

I'd say 100 percent. Obviously, I haven't ticked off that 90-minute match which is impossible to do in training but I feel really good.

What can it do psychologically if you retake top spot with a win over Dundee?

We just focus on winning every game we can. I think it's going to have to be close to that to win the league. Whether we go top or not, it's a cliche but it's game by game at the minute.

Would a win put you in the driving seat?

You're just looking at it game to game, you have to. It's just the way this league's gone this season. We're probably going to have to be close to maximum points to win the league.

Have you had a look at the Dens Park pitch?

I've seen a couple of pictures. Obviously, the game we played back in November was postponed a touch as well. It's the same for both teams.

Is playing on bad pitches just part and parcel of being a footballer?

Exactly. You've just got to adapt to it. We're all good players who have played on all different kinds of pitches so we've just got to accept it.

Does being out injured make you more determined to play your part until the end of the season?

Yeah, the way it's going. You don't realise how much you actually miss it when you are injured so I'm chomping at the bit now to make an impression.