It's well-documented that the Premier League is the richest in the world, with eye-watering transfer fees and revenue streams coming out of the clubs' ears.

With that though comes some hefty costs for supporters.

Recent data published by football finance expert Kieran Maguire has detailed the amount of money that English clubs earn per fan per match. 

From the modesty of Watford at £16.02 per game, to Tottenham at a whopping £71.23 per game, the figures from the 2021/22 campaign highlight some staggering differences.

Rangers and Celtic are undoubtedly the biggest clubs in Scotland, and their budgets and ability to spend money completely dwarfs what any other Premiership team could muster up.

So, how do Rangers and Celtic compare to English matchday revenues?

Well, according to Maguire, Rangers generate £30.40 per fan per match, meanwhile Celtic make slightly more at £32.41.

These figures are net of VAT, so in reality, fans pay an additional 20 percent on top of these numbers.

The stats are for total matchday costs, including tickets, food, drink and any other products available. 

Maguire states the figures are based on average attendance, so away supporters are included in the sums.

The figures for Rangers and Celtic see them slot into the English table slightly above average. Rangers slot in between Brentford (£28.01) and Brighton (£30.96).

Celtic sit a few places higher, as they leapfrog both West Ham (£31.05) and Leeds (£32.26). The are below Manchester City though, who make £36.24 per fan on a matchday.

Spurs generate the most revenue per supporter, as previously stated, with the top three being made up of Manchester United at a bit less on £64.27 and Chelsea at £62.

Watford make the least, with Burnley, Everton, Norwich and Aston Villa making under £20 per fan.