Rangers were headed down a dead-end under Michael Beale.

That's the viewpoint of goalkeeper Jack Butland - who the 43-year-old signed for the Ibrox club last summer.

The ex-Stoke City, Crystal Palace and Manchester United keeper has been in fine form between sticks for Rangers this season.

While things are going well now, they endured a poor start to the campaign under Beale.

Butland credits Philippe Clement for the transformation over the past six months, as Beale's tenure was simply going nowhere.

He said: “As a group, we were scrambling. We weren't in a good spot. It wasn't going to plan, it wasn't right. 

“We were running down a cul-de-sac into a dead-end. It didn't feel like we were getting to where we needed to get to.”

On Clement, who has already guided the Ibrox club to silverware in the League Cup and propelled them to top of the Premiership, the goalkeeper refused to give too much away. 

"People see him as this big, bad character," he told BBC Sport. "He's not, but he could be if he wanted to be. 

“He's the big, bad wolf with the media, but he has us in a really confident place. 

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"Tactically, there are things that he's been drip-feeding into us all along about how he wants us to play. 

“It's about being efficient, about creating chances, getting that ball forward effectively and being extremely difficult to break down.”

Butland has been tipped England recall. It's a testament to his form in Scotland that he's being credited with a chance of making Gareth Southgate's 23-man squad for Euro 2024.

He's enjoying life in Scotland. He said: "There's always eyes on you. Football is a way of life up here. 

“People can say what they like about the league, but every game is meaningful, every game is do-or-die.

"It's not easy to do that every week, but as a player, it's what you want. No dead rubbers.”