Rangers' victory over Livingston last Sunday was quietly and ruthlessly efficient. This team continues to flip the narrative under the management of Philippe Clement heading into another international break.

It wasn’t the prettiest 90 minutes you'll ever see but following a brilliant European win on Thursday night, the team dug deep to ensure another three points were secured. 

No fuss, no drama, just 'three points and up the road' with the squad's health intact. This is exactly what I want to see when watching Rangers - a team capable of asserting themselves from the first whistle and ensuring that their quality is what decides the game's course. 

Let’s be brutally honest, the pitch at the Tony Macaroni Arena is brutal. It's not the setting for free-flowing passing football but in moments, Clement's side were able to find their rhythm and entertain. Rangers were in control throughout and that type of away performance, with not an ounce of fuss, drama or anxiety, is something that's lacked consistently in recent years.

Livingston enjoyed some brief spells of early pressure in the second half but it amounted to very little. You always felt the away side had an extra gear to change into if required.

Under the previous regime, we simply didn't see enough of those performances. Make no mistake, defeats earlier this season at the hands of Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and Celtic all prove that with the slightest sighting of pressure, this group would've crumbled. Despite dominating the ball in those encounters, Rangers always appeared fragile.

Under Clement, this group are going about their business with far more intelligence. Sometimes Rangers are a little more direct in their build-up but don't mistake that plot for aimless long balls. Rangers now play one pass instead of previously when they'd have opted for three, by which point any sighting of space had been closed up.

To put it bluntly, as the manager said after arriving last month, there are no more 'shit lateral passes'!

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Aimless crossing from wide areas is also on the decline. Instead, Borna Barisic is looking to play passes down the line and find an attacker running behind. It's a small detail, but lots of these details are adding up to form a more effective style of play.

That isn't to say Rangers don't slip back into old habits during games. However, in the space of four weeks, this team and management have done very well indeed. 

Most of the results they've achieved were to be expected, but the uplift has been impressive across the board.

It’s what we are seeing beyond the scoreline that is most pleasing. I alluded to this previously but the manager has confirmed this squad will be working in the international break rather than resting. That’s music to my ears because they still have a long way to go before we save this season.

At the very least, Rangers have a fighting chance of saving their season. At least we now know what version of this team will turn up on any given Saturday.

Pittodrie away after the international break will be totally different. Make no mistake, this is Aberdeen's cup final. We can be confident that Clement will have this team fired up and ready for the challenge to come. 

Clement is tough and firm, but his clear message is complimented by a dry sense of humour. He's impressed me during his short time in the Ibrox hot seat so far. As explained in last week's column, the synergy he desperately desired is slowly returning, as is the belief in this squad from the stands.

There are some tough fixtures on the horizon, but there's no longer any trepidation approaching such matches.

Instead, there's a degree of confidence and belief in what the Belgian boss is building. Clement's biggest achievement in his short time as Rangers manager is that we're all ready to go on a journey with him.  

It’s too early to call this a revolution, but if Rangers get the next seven weeks spot on it could well be the start of one.