Hamza Igamane has become Rangers sixth signing at Ibrox. It has not quite been the Rangers saga we have become accustomed to over the summers, but it has taken long enough to get this one signed and sealed.

There is an excitement around this deal. Igamane is a striker first and foremost but he arrives with a fair bit of hype surrounding him after reporters in his homeland told the Rangers Review he is like Marcus Rashford. 

We’ve heard it all before, obviously. But we are all ready to fall in love with a number nine again. It has been a year since Alfredo Morelos left and whilst we can’t compare him, the time is now for a new boy to come in and claim that place in the affections of the support. He’s even got a knee slide celebration.

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As always, attentions turn to the next one as soon as a deal is done. Another transfer that is dominating the rumour mill is Kenny McLean and it has been a will he or won't he saga over the last few weeks. Allegedly, it was on. Allegedly, it’s been off. But now it’s ongoing. Confused? Just a normal summer.

But that got me thinking. There are two spots in a Philippe Clement midfield, with usually a ten in front of them. If we consider Nicolas Raskin, Mohamed Diomande and Connor Barron as three options, then is McLean the missing link?

I’m torn. I really like him as a player, he’s got good drive, he is a natural leader and he loves the club. I’m pretty sure he walks up the road to Ibrox given the chance and he’s the experience most fans have been asking for. 

(Image: Paul Chesterton)

But he’s also 32 and we have seen previous players arrive from the Championship with that profile and not quite manage it. I think that’s the reason I’m guarded, it is more on that point than on McLean's actual ability.

So let’s look at his actual ability. His stats last season were actually impressive. Played 46 games, scored one goal. Balls recovered per game is six, the highest for any player in the Championship. 

For passing:

Accurate per game 54.7 (84%)

Acc. own half 33.8 (93%)

Acc. opposition half 21.1 (72%)

Acc. long balls 4.2 (47%)

Acc. chipped passes 3.2 (46%)

Acc. crosses 0.2 (22%)

This is what I find more interesting though:

Interceptions per game 1.2

Tackles per game 2.0

Possession won 0.3

Balls recovered per game 6.0

Dribbled past per game 1.0

Clearances per game 1.5

Error led to shot 1

Now apologies, because I went all Adam and Joshua there into my stats, but there is a point to all this. Rangers have been crying out for a number six, an experienced player who can win the ball and dictate the play. 

McLean's stats and performances last season indicate that he has the potential to be that player. So this leads to a bigger question and are we happy with potentially McLean and Barron competing for that position and leaving Diomande and Raskin playing for the other? Or could we go with three central midfielders and then that’s plenty cover? The real question is, is that enough quality? 

Not to mention Dujon Sterling, who has arguably excelled in the middle when he has played there and will continue to be in the mind of the fans for that position if the right back position doesn’t change. Sterling, Barron, McLean, Diomande, Raskin. Does that provide enough quality? 

And what then for the ten and Hagi, Cantwell, Lawrence, Dowell? There is a lot of business to take place in this window and a lot of scenarios to unwind. 

As for McLean? He has plenty of positives. He’s available and was fit all of last season, has captained his clubs and brings leadership. He is a Rangers fan, solves the much needed six position and gives that experience to balance a youthful intake so far.

So this is a really interesting situation for me, is Kenny McLean the answer and will Rangers get this done? We’ll find out soon, it’s the rumour that won’t go away and sometimes they are the ones that turn into something.